The PSG-Mbappé alliance could end abruptly

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Who for many will be soon the best soccer player in the world does not seem to be comfortable in the Parisian team. On the 'merengue' side they are very interested in him

The PSG-Mbappé alliance could end abruptly

Real Madrid's interest for the services of Mbappé is not new, but the young French striker added more 'spice' to the matter through some statements that hinted that he is not happy in Paris Saint Germain, his current club. Kylian Mbappé seems destined to the 'merengue' cast, but it would not be in the coming campaign, but for 2020-21, apparently.

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What did Mbappé say? "It's an important moment for me, a turn in my career, a time to have more responsibilities, maybe in PSG, maybe somewhere else," he said after receiving the trophy for Ligue 1's best player in the 2018-19 season. For several media, Mbappé seeks an extension of the contract and therefore more money.

Apparently, the French had planned to say it at that time judging by the subsequent statements: "For me, it was time to say it, I am someone upright, when I say something, I think about it. For me, it was the right moment to say it. That's it, I said it," said Antena 2.

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Everything indicates a prolongation

Antena 2 reported that Jerome Alonzo, a former player of the Paris club between 2001 and 2008, said that the key is to reinforce the PSG project and try to win the Champions League, in which they have failed abruptly. If that happens, the French striker will fulfill his contract until 2023, otherwise, he will leave earlier. A third consecutive elimination in the round of 16 would be a hard blow for Kylian.

Mbappé is also hungry for leadership. His 32 goals in the recently culminated season seem to have conveyed a greater personal ambition. However, there is Neymar, a soccer player whose best days seem to have passed, but who has the total confidence of the German coach Tomas Tuchel, who has qualified the Brazilian as a key player.

El Español defines Kylian Mbappé as the 'pretty boy' of French soccer for the constant growth he has had since making his debut at AS Monaco, up to his goals and the world title with the France national team and with PSG. In 2018, he won the Kopa Trophy and was in the top five of the Golden Ball nominations, even ahead of Lionel Messi.

This growth is what makes us suppose that the PSG will not make it easy for Madrid or any other club that wants to keep its 'Golden Eggs Chicken', so they will keep him at least until 2020.

That theory is easy to establish after reading a press release of the current Ligue 1 champion: "Very close ties join Paris Saint-Germain and Kylian Mbappé for two years and the common history will continue in the next session with the 50th anniversary PSG, a long-awaited moment to also write a great page in the history of our club."

Terrible relationship with Tuchel

Beyond the above, El Español also ensures that other media, such as Le Parisien, have doubts about that alleged prolongation with Mbappé, since his relationship with Tuchel, PSG's manager, is not the best.

The 20-year-old forward has shown his unconformity with the change of position he has suffered during most of the season. The number '7' did not understand his time on the bench in some other matches of the Cup of France in which players as important as Cavani, Angel Di Maria and Neymar were injured.

That substitution and others in league matches, such as the one against Olympique de Marseille, prevented Mbappé from winning Europe's Golden Boot, as Messi overcame him in 4 goals after scoring 36 with Barcelona.

Another article from the same media on the subject points out that the response of Paris Saint Germain to the dialectical bomb of Mbappé was that he will definitely continue for 19-20, mainly because it will be the 50th anniversary of the club.


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And what about Real Madrid?

Mbappé's first flirtation with the 'merengues' was in the summer of 2017, but he was not yet a world champion, he played in Monaco and was not in the global focus as he is today. At that time, he would arrive to be a substitute for Cristiano Ronaldo, Karim Benzema, and Gareth Bale, who were immovable with two consecutive Champions League and three of the last four.

However, the boy, then 18, was smart and, knowing that Zidane did not promise a first-team place, preferred to postpone that goal, succeed first in another club and then arrive as a star, as it surely will be if he arrives in 2020. At the moment, it seems that the arrival of veterans like Dani Alves and Gianluigi Buffon is not enough.

Antena 2 points out that for Zidane it has always been pleasant to have Mbappé in their ranks, not only because of his talent, but also because he is French, which would make the relationship easier. Marca said the following: "Mbappé knows that Real Madrid is waiting for him, that it can not let go again the opportunity to sign the player called to replace players such as Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo in the coming years."

According to Spanish media, the maximum winner of the Champions League in history is ready to offer 280 million euros for Mbappé, although that number will surely rise in just over a year, which is when it seems that the player will leave PSG.

According to ABC, Real Madrid has issued two press releases in recent months in which it denied having negotiated with Mbappé or Neymar and that, before that, it is necessary to go directly with Nasser Al-Khelaifi. Time plays in favor of the player and the 'merengues'. The most sought-after man in the market wants to play the 2022 World Cup in Qatar in the Real Madrid's front rows.


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