These are 3 of the most common diseases in cats. You can prevent them

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There are many conditions that cats can suffer, but there are ways in which you can prevent them

These are 3 of the most common diseases in cats. You can prevent them
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The first thing that must be taken into account is that the diseases that can affect a cat vary depending on the life it leads. It is no secret to anyone that cats who live inside an apartment or house and are isolated from the outside world, tend to be more protected and suffer from different sicks with respect to those who live or frequent the streets. So to begin it is important to recommend that you protect your cat and if possible have it as far away from the outside.

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1. Conjunctivitis:

This is one of the most common problems in abandoned cats and can occur at any age of the animal. It consists of mucosal inflation of the membrane that covers the eye and of the inner part of the eyelid, according to the levante-emv.com portal, which also publishes that if it is not diagnosed or treated in time, the feline could lose sight. The disease is produced for several reasons, some of them allergies, traumatisms, genetic problems, among others. It is possible to identify this type of condition by the amount of lag and lacrimation that the kitten presents. The best advice to prevent diseases in these animals (and for the following diseases will also be) is to be very aware of the dates of vaccination and visits to the vet to be sure that nothing bad happens.


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2. Obesity

This occurs in house cats who are not controlled the amount of food, who are also poorly fed and sedentary. According to the portal tiendanimal.es, at present this disease affects approximately 40% of cats. This disease as in humans ends up being very dangerous for animals, because it has serious consequences such as disorders in their locomotion, breathing difficulties, visual problems, among others, even death. The way to prevent this is to control your daily intake of calories and foods, as well as to encourage you to play and exercise often.


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3. Parasites

This condition has a quick and effective solution if the owner of the feline identifies it promptly, but sadly the abandoned kittens do not have the same luck and weaken them very much and kill them. This problem does not always occur to all cats, according to the website tiendanimal.es, if the cat lives in an apartment and never comes out, it is possible that he never gets parasites, although there are some parasites that are transmitted by fleas. As we said at the beginning, it is important that if you have an animal, avoid having contact with the street because that is where it acquires all those diseases that we wish would not enter the body of our cat. That and having control of vaccines, veterinary, and feeding, are the best way to prevent.


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