Black Mirror and other 5 releases on streaming platforms in June

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We bring you some of the most anticipated releases that arrive in June to platforms like Netflix so that you will not miss them for anything in the world

Black Mirror and other 5 releases on streaming platforms in June

For this month of June, some of the most anticipated releases of the year are coming; some of them, because we spent a lot of time waiting for them, thinking that perhaps our beloved series was never going to have another delivery; others, because they are our favorite series and every time we want more. Here we present some of these releases on platforms, not only on Netflix, but on Amazon Prime, HBO and Hulu.

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1. Black Mirror (fifth season)

After the experiment of the Black Mirror movie, Bandersnatch, in which the viewer decided what would happen in the story, the series returns as we originally knew it: a lot of technology and, above all, a lot of drama.

On June 5, at Netflix, we will be able to see three new episodes of the series that, without a doubt, have given us something to talk about. One of the main ingredients of this season is that it will feature the performance of Miley Cyrus in one of its chapters. It all started with a rumor, after seeing the singer and actress in one of the recordings in South Africa, so it was speculated on the subject. Now, with the trailer, we can confirm that she will appear.

Although the series seeks to portray a dark reality dependent on technology, fans will always want happy endings. The faithful proof of this is that the favorite episode for the people is San Junípero, the least tragic of all. Another favorite episode also has a happy ending. Hang the Dj, of the fourth season, shows what happens with a sort of application to find love. This gives us the suspicion that Netflix may be presenting public-satisfying content and present some signs of love and hope in their chapters.

2. Chasing happiness

The most anticipated comeback for young people came to fruition when the Jonas Brothers announced that they would rejoin. The release of 'Sucker' was the first song we could hear of the three brothers, of whom we had memories when they were still part of Disney.

Chasing Happiness is a documentary that completes the perfect closing on his return as a band. On June 4 this show of Disney's most beloved 'boy band' on Amazon Prime will be released. In it, we can get to know the reasons why the band was dissolved, which, at the time, affected their brotherhood. So much fame at such an early age cost them dissolution. However, that allowed each of them to form their families and forge a separate professional career to reunite to fulfill the dream of many teenagers who grew up watching Camp Rock.

3. The Handmaid's Tale (third season)

Also on June 5, the third season of The Handmaid's Tale arrives in Hulu. The series is based on a homonymous novel by Margaret Atwood and tells the story of a dystopian and chaotic society. In the midst of a civil war that organizes society based on caste and on religious extremism, the birth rate falls due to sexually transmitted infections and environmental pollution.

In The Handmaid's Tale, the maids are instructed in this society and end up being indoctrinated to have the children of powerful people. After two seasons, the trailer shows the desires and alliances to change their reality. Power, revolution, alliances, love, and betrayal are the elements that promise to have this new season.

4. Big Little Lies (second season)

As HBO is not only Game of Thrones, on June 9, it releases the second season of one of its most coveted series: Big Little Lies. In addition to the great cast of the series, which has Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, and Shailene Woodley, among others; for this second part, they will count with the presence of the beloved Meryl Streep.

HBO took two years to deliver this new season that promises to bring to Monterrey, California, much more drama and black humor. This tragicomedy, which tells an apparent normal story within a city, with loves and sorrows, actually hides many secrets and the true alliances are those that will help to cope with the truth and the lies. The second season will entangle more lies, more deceptions, and much more friendship to see if the truth will reach the group of friends.

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5. Designated survivor (third season)

Although it is not Jack Bauer in 24, many of us have grown fond of Kiefer Sutherland as Tom Kirkman, the noblest president the United States could have. On June 7, our favorite president returns to Netflix. The first two seasons show a president unprepared for the position, so many doubt at various times if Kirkman would be the right to fight against the living terrorism against this country. Rebuilding the government and stabilizing the country after one of the most violent acts was no easy task.

Can a good man remain good no matter what he has to live? That is the question that goes round for the new season of Designated Survivor, in which we will see Tom Kirkman more prepared and, why not, preparing for re-election.

6. Dark (Second season)

The intriguing German series tells the story of a town where strange events and disappearances have occurred in three different periods of time. As the season passes, the times become diffuse and their characters can travel in them, which generates more questions than answers in the viewer. The season ends with its protagonist in a new time that had not appeared: the year 2052.

After a year and a half of waiting, on June 21 we will be able to see on the Netflix platform what happens in the search of Jonas Kahnwald's time. In the trailer, we can see new and old characters, new times and, of course, drama and intrigue.


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