Peru and Colombia united for the environment

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Martín Vizcarra and Iván Duque signed a joint declaration to protect biodiversity

Peru and Colombia united for the environment

Peru and Colombia share 1,600 kilometers of border, so a pact to protect biodiversity from the effects of climate change is a fundamental step to conserve the Amazon and to face the different environmental and political problems that both countries suffer. With this in mind, the presidents Martín Vizcarra and Iván Duque signed a joint statement that consists of 24 points and which addresses from anti-corruption policy to tools to combat climate change.

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The document was signed in the Golden Hall of the Government Palace in Lima, Peru, where the two presidents met during a visit by Duque to the Inca nation. The borders of both countries share environmental issues such as illegal mining, deforestation, and climate change. In this regard, Duque said that the meeting with Vizcarra took place intending to find cooperation tools to face security and drug trafficking in that region.

In statements collected by Semana, the president of the Colombians said: "I also celebrate that the bilateral agenda is very present the protection of the environment, the protection of biodiversity and the fight against the ravages of climate change." Vizcarra pointed out that the document strengthens relations between both nations in terms of trade and friendship.

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The Peruvian president also announced that on August 27 in the Peruvian Amazon, a meeting will be held between both countries to evaluate the progress of the pact. It is hoped that with this declaration, both Latin American nations will find joint solutions to combat deforestation and climate change effectively. Both Peru and Colombia recorded alarming deforestation figures. Only in 2018, the Colombian Amazon lost 156,722 hectares of forest.

The environment is one of the main issues addressed in the declaration, but it is not the only one.

In political matters, Duque assured that Peru and Colombia are working on the creation of an international anti-corruption court. This scourge affects both nations, and they have registered great scandals like Odebrecht.


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