Keylor Navas: What will be his next team?

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There is indignation in the fans for the departure of the Costa Rican goalkeeper from the 'merengue', who will surely find a fast club since several clubs are interested in hiring him

Keylor Navas: What will be his next team?

The football world is shocked and surprised with the departure of Costa Rican goalkeeper Keylor Navas from Real Madrid. The goalkeeper who won three consecutive Champions League titles would leave the Merengue cast after five seasons where he left indelible marks. According to a publication reviewed by ntn24america.com and released by Marca.com, the decision was communicated by Zinedine Zidane.

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Definitely, the Iberian club is going to ber for the Belgian goalkeeper, Thibaut Courtois, who was a figure with his team in the World Cup in Russia. Keylor was the best goalkeeper of the 2017-2018 season, for UEFA, and started as a substitute for Iker Casillas until becoming the team's goalkeeper.

A bet for Courtois

The club intends to give continuity to the Belgian since they invested more than 35 million euros for his signing last summer. Courtois did not have a good season with the whites since, in his first stage, he received 48 annotations in 35 games that he played at Real Madrid. In turn, and according to gacetadeportes.com, Navas has expressed his desire to remain with Real Madrid, until his contract ends.

The media mentioned that Navas said he doesn't intend to spend another season similar to the one he had, where he was in the reserve bench. Recall that during the era of Santiago Solari, the 'Tico' was without playing, and after the return of Zinedine Zidane, he returned again to be a starter. After his arrival back to the goal, Keylor played 20 games, received 19 touchdowns, and on 7 occasions left the door at zero, but his cycle ended.

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Where will Navas go?

Before the departure of Navas, there are two English teams that are interested in acquiring their services, according to the portal, Futbolred.com. One of them would be Manchester United, who would not consider David De Gea, for his low performance, and the strong criticism he has received. De Gea has made serious mistakes in various matches, and therefore, the 'Red Devils' need an elite goalkeeper and great recognition.

The other cast, who would be willing to spend a large sum of money for the Costa Rican, is the Arsenal because the Czech Petr Cech is going to retire. Cech announced that he will retire after playing the Europa League final, so the German goalkeeper, Bernard Leno remains in the cast. Leno does not give a guarantee with the 'Gunners', and for that reason, Navas would be a great alternative in the English box that is directed by Unai Emery.

Will Porto from Portugal hire him?

Futbolcentroamerica.com highlighted that Andrea Salas, wife of Keylor Navas, made a posting on social networks from the city of Oporto. In one of her Instagram stories, she mounted a video inside a beachfront establishment in Porto that said: "We stay!".

Several media have indicated and speculated that this could be the next destination of Navas, replacing the iconic goalkeeper Iker Casillas. But Navas had told the ABC of Spain, that he was not going to play in the 'dragao' because he did not like the Portuguese League. Another argument offered by Keylor was that the team was not able to pay him what he wanted, but rumors swarm.

The concern in Costa Rica

The Uruguayan coach of the Costa Rican National Team, Gustavo Matosas, is worried about the departure of Keylor Navas from Real Madrid. "I am very expectant about what is coming, but also with a lot of concern about the Keylor case," Matosas told La Nación newspaper. "Normally when a player changes teams, there are many family upsets such as the move and their new location," added the coach.

In addition, he said, stating that he hopes that Keylor's future will be solved immediately and that that would be great for the selected one. Another concern is that for this reason, their participation in the Gold Cup is totally uncertain, due to the deconcentrations that will be generated.


The Spanish sports journalist, Enrique Marqués told CNN en Español, that the big teams do not get good stars and famous players. He compared this case with what happened with the star 'merengue', Raúl González, who was a true legend of Real Madrid and came out the back door.

"Keylor is a person who has done a lot for Real Madrid since he won three Leagues of Champions. It deserved another type of exit, indicated Marqués. In turn, the communicator, Tomás Roncero, indicated that Keylor wanted to continue for his commitment to the shield and constant delivery by the institution.

"I think the decision was incredible, especially by Zidane, who has always supported Keylor Navas," said Roncero in AS video. He said that Keylor goes on sale, showed his outrage over what happened for the Costa Rican, and said he will always be supported by the fans.

Statistics (Goal.com)

* He played 5 seasons with Real Madrid, won 3 Champions, 1 League, 3 European Super Cups, 4 Club World Cups and 1 Spanish Super Cup.

* The Costa Rican goalkeeper came to the cast 'merengue in 2014, from Levante de España, after his great performance with Costa Rica in the World Cup.

* According to Transfermarket, and in the Goal.com registry, the market value of the Costa Rican goalkeeper amounts to 12 million euros.


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