100 years of the NFL: what do you need to know about its history?

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Tom Brady and Bill Belichik are looking to break personal records as well as the New England Patriots, while Kansas City is now the favorite

100 years of the NFL: what do you need to know about its history?

Four months ago, the New England Patriots lifted their sixth Vince Lombardi trophy and today we are less than 90 days away from the start of a new season of the National Football League (NFL). In a blink of an eye, the Green Bay Packers and the Chicago Bears will be starting on September 5 the 2019 season, so it's time to review some interesting facts to consider for the upcoming season.

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Marca reviews some important facts of the story, which could be reached or exceeded in this edition 19-20. Dan Marino, a Hall of Famer, had 217 touchdown passes in the first 100 games of his career, the highest number in the Super Bowl era. Peyton Manning got his 100th touchdown pass in Week 9 of the 2001 season against the Miami Dolphins. Nine players in NFL history have more than 100 rushing TDs: with 164, Emmitt Smith is the historic leader and, with 100, Marshall Faulk is the last of this department's leaders to retire.

Another record that is worth mentioning is that of Jerry Rice, who has the largest number of 100-yard games per reception with 76; with 6, the still active Antonio Brown is the one who follows him on the list, but as you can see he is very far away from the leader. There are also six coaches with 100 or more career wins: Bill Belichick of New England Patriots, Andy Reid (Kansas City), Mike Tomlin (Pittsburgh), Pete Carroll (Seattle), Sean Payton (New Orleans) and John Harbaugh (Baltimore) ), reported Marca.

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The season will begin on August 1 at the Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium when the Denver Broncos and Atlanta Falcons meet at the Hall of Fame. Right there will start the preseason that will last for four weeks for the rest of the teams and will have unusual venues such as Canada and Hawaii.

Thursday, August 8, will be one of the most active dates of the preseason, as there will be up to 11 games that day, which more-expected one is the New England Patriots champions against the Detroit Lyons and also the New York duel between the Jets and the Giants, Marca said.

That weekend will have other four duels of interest: the Minnesota Vikings against the New Orleans Saints on Friday 9; on Saturday 10,  the Cincinnati Bengals will visit the Kansas City Chiefs; The Los Angeles Rams will do the same against the Oakland Raiders and the Dallas Cowboys will face against the San Francisco 49ers.

History that should be known

La Vanguardia detailed that the NFL was founded in 1920 and that, at that time, it was known as the American Professional Football Association and, in 1922, under the presidency of Jim Thorpe, its first president, changed its name to the NFL.

The Akron Pros have the honor of being the first champion team in the history of the NFL. Today, 100 years later, only two teams survive from the first that gave shape to the league: the Chicago Cardinals (now Arizona Cardinals) and the Decatur Staleys (now Chicago Bears).

The oldest rivalry in the league is that of Packers and Bears, who have rivaled 198 times. In this regard, Es-Us adds that the rivalry between both franchises of the North Division of the National Conference places Green Bay's 'cheeseheads', with an advantage of 97 victories, ahead of Chicago's 95 victories, to which six draws are added. They also pointed out that the 2019 campaign will culminate with the LIV Super Bowl to be played at Hard Rock Stadium, home of Miami Dolphins, on February 2, 2020.

That is why for the 100th season the opening match faces those two teams. Of course, as a curious fact must be said that Chicago and Green Bay have only faced twice in the playoffs. 761 victories accumulate the Bears commanding the department of teams with more wins in the history of the league, while, at the other end, the set with the dubious honor of having more losses are the Arizona Cardinals with 753.

The Dallas Cowboys, in turn, command two departments: the best winning index in the NFL with .574. and of more seasons playing playoffs with 33. The current monarchs of New England Patriots are the franchise with the most postseason victories with a total of 37 and the franchise with the best winning percentage with .649.


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Other curious facts

In turn, ESPN adds up that, in regards to the Super Bowl, the Patriots are the most winners with 6 championships along with the Pittsburgh Steelers. However, in this next campaign they could be the absolute leaders in that department, as his coach Bill Belichik, who as head coach has 6 titles and, if he wins another, will be the undisputed leader of all time.

In individual records, Tom Brady accumulates 70 500 yards, so he only needs 1 420 more to overcome Brett Favre and Payton Manning in this category. Finally, according to the ESPN Soccer Power Index, the Kansas City Chiefs are today the favorite ones to win next season, slightly ahead of the New Orleans Saints and the New England Patriots.


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