Sergio Goycoechea: "Argentina is under renovation, the cup will be the test of Scaloni"

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The former Argentine goalkeeper, world champion in Italy 1990, took advantage of his visit to Bogotá to talk about his 'Albiceleste Selection' and analyze the Copa América Brazil 2019

Sergio Goycoechea: "Argentina is under renovation, the cup will be the test of Scaloni"

The Copa America, the most important sporting event in the continent in 2019, is close. The oldest tournament in the world will be held in Brazil starting next Friday, June 14. For this reason, LatinAmerican Post spoke with the exarquero of the Argentine selection Sergio Goycochea, runner-up with the 'albiceleste' in the World Cup of Italy 1990 and champion of the America's Cup in 1991 and 1993, who took advantage of his visit to Bogota to analyze the present of the combined gaucho and what the cup will be in Brazilian territory.

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"First of all we must say that group B is the most difficult or the most even. Without detracting from this Copa América, because all international titles are important, I see this tournament as the platform for what the selected ones will do during the qualifiers. Suddenly we see good football, "said the exguardameta during his visit to the Colombian capital.

Regarding Argentina and the Lionel Scaloni process, 'Goyco' was emphatic and pointed out that this project has been starting up so far. "The cup will be his first big test, he will have the players for a great time and we will be able to see his work in reality. Hopefully, the best way is given. It does not guarantee anything to choose a technician with 10 years of experience."

"Argentina is undergoing this process of great renovation, in fact in the list of summoned there are only 4 World Cup players (Russia 2018) and the previous generation. Messi, Agüero, Di María, and Otamendi," added the River Plate exporter, Millonarios, among others.

Meanwhile, he said what should be Argentina's goalkeeper in the cup and said that this is the position that least concerns the Scaloni team. "Today, of the archers called the one that is in the best moment is Andrada. If Argentina has dispensed now for this call for Romero, who set the course in the last 9 years, it is because he is doing well in this position ".

In addition, he took the opportunity to talk a little about Messi and his news. "Messi is not that he has not shown his best level in Argentina, what happens is that he did not have the fortune to appear at the most decisive moments", afrimó 'Goyco'.

Analysis of Argentina's rivals

On the other hand, the Argentine exarquero analyzed the group B of the cup, where they are Argentina, Colombia, Paraguay and Qatar. "Starting with Colombia is going to be hard. It seems to me that Colombia has a base and more players who have lived together. We will be in the presence of a new Argentina, with a Colombia better planted thanks to its base of players," he said.

"Paraguay is also undergoing a renovation process. But the Paraguayan teams are always tough. On the other hand, Qatar is an unknown, they all say that they play good football, it's the same to look with the rivals that have been measured. But in today's football anything can happen, "added 'Goyco', with respect to Argentina's rivals in group B.

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Finally, Goycochea analyzed the other selections. "Brazil will always be the favorite, but then there is a lot with Argentina and Uruguay trying to keep up. Already Peru demonstrated in the 2015 cup and in the last qualifying round, where it qualified to the World Cup, of what it can give. Causally Venezuela and Peru have bet on the projects. Although Venezuela has not had an achievement as such, it got a game identity that is very important, " the gaucho exporter concluded.


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