The controversial cases of Adam Humphries and the 49ers in the NFL

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During the pause for the 2019-20 NFL season, this receiver and the San Francisco team made decisions that perhaps were not the best

The receiver Adam Humphries and the San Francisco 49ers made important decisions for the upcoming season of the National Football League (NFL). The player preferred to go to the Tennessee Titans rather than reinforcing the New England Patriots, something surprising for many. In turn, the bay team fell asleep and saw how two coveted players like Antonio Brown and Odell Beckham Jr. ended up signing with other teams.

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In Latin American Post, we review both cases.

Tennessee better than New England?

Us As revealed that one of the biggest problems on the Patriots roster is the absence of important goals in the passing game for quarterback Tom Brady. Based on that, coach Bill Belichick delved into free agency and set his eyes on Humphries.

When everything seemed prepared for Humphries to go to New England with several offers on the hand, the wade receiver opted for the Titans, with whom he finally signed a four-year contract of 36 million dollars. Many were stunned by the decision until he finally explained the reason for his decision.

Brady's age was the strange argument of Humphries. "Obviously he's the best of all time, it's that simple, but there are many factors in my decision, I was offered a four-year contract, who knows how old Tom Brady is? There are many things to consider," he revealed the to Travis Haney of The Athletic.

Us As added that perhaps the Clemson graduate did not take into account that Brady has just four years left, if he fulfills his great goal of staying on the grid until he is 45, so his reasons were not very clear for some.

Humphries, 25, ended his speech by talking about his new organization: "I think I came to a team that is rising, with young talent on offense and a great defense, they have talent to get to the playoffs, ability in the slot position, I think I can contribute something and start something new here." He also said that the Titans have young blood and with many abilities to reach the postseason, ended Us As.

In turn, La Opinión shared another statement from the now-player of the Titans, in which he revealed the reason why he did not sign with the Patriots after finishing his contractual relationship with the Tampa Bay Buccaners: "In the end, I thought about getting to a team with a lot of young talent on offense, which is on the rise, with a great defense. I feel like I can contribute and start something new here."

The same media adds that the Clemson University receiver played his first four seasons in the NFL with Tampa Bay, where he added 279 receptions, 2329 yards, and 9 touchdowns.

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San Francisco wasted opportunity with Brown

Jim Garoppolo ended up becoming the main element of a franchise that wants to recover its glory, but has not done things very well precisely for that. Antonio Brown and Odell Beckham Jr. may well be forming a very competitive team in the short term after several years of drought.

However, as reflected by ESPN Deportes, after an anterior cruciate ligament injury that limited him to three games in 2018, Garoppolo is still a stranger with only 10 starts in the NFL. In short, the 49ers are paying Garoppolo to be the centerpiece of the franchise, even though they are not sure if he is the man who can lift the team back into contention for the playoffs, especially if you take into account that he comes from a knee injury.

According to ESPN, former Hall of Famer Jerry Rice said in an interview that Antonio Brown, Pittsburgh Steelers' receiver, "was dying" to play for the San Francisco 49ers. This after Brown uploaded a story to his Instagram account related to the conversation he had with Rice.

ESPN added that Rice, star of the 49ers between 1985 and 2000, said that he would help Brown in knowledge if San Francisco signed him. Meanwhile, tight end George Kittle sent him a message when he learned he was upset with Pittsburgh, so his possible arrival did create enthusiasm in the franchise environment. Finally, they were not quick enough and Brown finished in the Oakland Raiders.


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The Beckham Jr. case

Odell Beckham Jr. looks very happy in his new team, the Cleveland Browns, but the wide receiver would have also evaluated San Francisco before leaving New York. Reporter Jay Glazer of The Athletic was the first to mention the possibility that the Giants would change the receiver to the 49ers, according to 12 Up.

The 49ers showed real interest in Beckham for almost a year, but, apparently, the Giants were not very willing to finalize the transfer, something that Glazer even said they would do. San Francisco had the second and the 36th overall pick of the 2019 draft. However, the No. 2 overall selection came at a high price, requiring the Giants to send a third or fourth round selection to San Francisco to balance the trade.

To make matters worse, the general manager of the Giants, Dave Gettleman, said they had no intention of changing Beckham and had not signed to change it after a juicy five-year contract and $ 90 million, closed 12 Up. The certain thing is that, finally, they ended up yielding before Beckham's desires and, for some strange reason that is still not known, Odell went to Cleveland. Will San Francisco regret it?


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