Do the new technologies affect your children?

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Babies and children are currently exposed to technology in a larger percentage, but is this healthy for them? Here we tell you

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With the speed at which technology has advanced, children and babies are fully exposed to cell phones since they are born. It is already very strange that someone does not use something of the new technologies; tablets, cell phones and everything that can keep the person connected to the internet so that children are exposed to these devices as they see their parents use them.

It is important to take into account three specific issues when we talk about your children's relationship with technology: health, hygiene and development. Let's start!

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There is a lot of information that can be found, but the strongest thesis is that electromagnetic radiation is extremely harmful, according to the portal Sos Crianza, which affirms this was declared by the World Health Organization.

According to what was found at the National Cancer Institute of the United States, he affirms that there are theoretical considerations as to why it should be investigated separately that radio frequency radiation from cell phones be associated with cancer in children. As they explain, the nervous system of infants is developing, which make them vulnerable to factors that can cause this disease. In addition, having smaller heads than adults is synonymous with the exposure being greater.

This is also compounded by the fact that children currently, having been born with technology at their mercy, have more years of accumulating exposure, different from past generations. As such there is nothing proven so far, only damage to the eyes and neck by the use of cell phones and poor posture that they generate when used.


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Speaking specifically about babies, electronic devices can be inconvenient for hygiene and parents should take the necessary precautions. According to El Heraldo de México, cell phones have 18 times more bacteria than a healthcare provider. A question that makes us think twice before giving a baby or child our cell phone to play with it, or take our cell phone and then consent to our son who we tried not to have great contact with bacteria.



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This thesis is one of the most common, since it is a recurrent opinion among people, and it is not only said that excess technology affects only children, but also adults. It is roughly the cell addiction that people can experience.

In the case of younger children, it can happen that when trying to remove the device they cry and make a fuss, generating a problem of upbringing in the child. In a slightly larger child, it could also be that the distraction does not allow him to perform at school. There is also the issue of security: who do you talk to through the device? It is also a risk. The decision is of the parents, but what is a common factor in everything described above is that it is not entirely positive for minors.


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