Do you know what postpartum hypopressive gymnastics is?

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We tell you about this incredible method to get fit after childbirth

Mujer practicando gimnasia abodminal hipopresiva sobre colchoneta y usando ropa deportiva

One of the biggest concerns, when you have just given birth, is to think about how to recover the figure because pregnancy not only brings you happiness and emotional changes, but also physical changes. There are many recommended exercises so that in the postpartum period you can have the body that you had before pregnancy; some work, others do not. The truth is that it depends on several factors, such as diet, the regularity with which they are made and the type of body you have.

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In the midst of all these exercises, there is one that is specially designed for the postpartum: hypopressive abdominal gymnastics.

What is it?

Hypopressive abdominal gymnastics was born in the 80s and was created by Dr. Marcel Kaufriez, a specialist in kinesitherapy. This method consists of a series of exercises from the control of apnea breathing and from the diaphragm the internal organs of the abdomen are elevated to work the pelvic floor. What is achieved with this breath control is to create contractions that literally suck these viscera, so toning occurs.

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What is it for?

As we already mentioned, the first thing that is achieved with hypopressive gymnastics is toning the abdomen, the pelvic floor. This is not only useful to look better aesthetically speaking, but also to improve your genito-urinary system. You will be avoiding urinal incontinence, prolapses and even the pain you may feel during sexual intercourse.

In addition, these exercises will also correct the bad posture that you could get for pregnancy; you will also avoid problems related to the back and spine, such as lumbar pain, scoliosis, fatigue due to poor posture, etc.

Hypopressive gymnastics will give you long-term results and not only make you look better, but also feel better.

Some advice:

  • Do not start to do this exercise until three months after giving birth, it is necessary to let your body rest first and recover from 9 months the pregnancy because at three months is the time when the uterus returns to its normal size.
  • You can perform these gymnastics for a period of six months, taking classes two days a week and gradually increase the number of times you do the exercise at home.
  • It is necessary that you approach a specialist center and begin to perform hypopressive gymnastics with an expert who can guide you to breathe properly and in turn give you a series of exercises that are perfect for you.
  • Stay healthy in your diet. It is not about you having a diet in which you restrict yourself absolutely everything, but that you manage to reach a point where everything you eat has retribution on how you see yourself and how you feel.


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