Juventus: rumble in Italy with the return of Maurizio Sarri

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After confirming that Massimiliano Allegri will not continue, the 'bianconero' of Turin already has a new boss: former Napoli coach and current UEFA champion

Juventus: rumble in Italy with the return of Maurizio Sarri
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Since his arrival at the management of Juventus, coach Massimiliano Allegri has not ceased to reap title after title both locally and in Europe. However, the big stumbling block in his path was not winning the best club tournament in the old continent, the Champions League. He had a couple of chances to make it happen, but when he faced two high-profile opponents like Barcelona FC in 2014 and Real Madrid in 2016, his aspirations to obtain the long-awaited trophy diminished in their entirety. Therefore, the president of the Italian club, Andrea Agnelli, decided to finish the contract of this coach and open the way for the new boss, Maurizio Sarri, for the next three seasons, according to Infobae newsportal.

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In his job as coach of the 'Vecchia Signora', Allegri, in addition to winning five titles consecutively in Serie A of Italian Calcio, managed to win four Italian Cups and two Italian Super Cups, according to RCN Deportes. From now on, under the eyes of Sarri, the eleventh of Cristiano Ronaldo will seek once and for all to break the negative balance in the Champions League finals and find a way to win the title.

Sarri comes to the bench 'Bianconero' with good credentials, given that he comes from being UEFA Europa League champion by defeating Arsenal in the final four goals by one, as well as getting the third place in the just-ended Premier League season behind Manchester City and Liverpool, respectively, assures Infobae.

In addition, the Italian had a successful three-year cycle at the head of Napoli, during which he led them to a pair of runners-up in 2016 and 2018 behind, precisely, Juventus, getting to be known a little more in the elite of the best coaches. However, having obtained these recent achievements with Chelsea, his departure from the 'Blues' was somewhat strange. According to the El Deportivo portal, the manager alleged that he needed to be close to his family and, therefore, return to his country of origin.

"In the talks we had after the final of the Europa League, Maurizio made clear the strength with which he wanted to return to his native country, explaining that his reasons for wanting to return to work in Italy were important. He also believed that it was important to be closer to his family, and for the well-being of his elderly parents, he felt he needed to live closer to them,"explained Marina Granovskaia, Chelsea's general manager.

Now the big question is: can Sarri contribute more according to his tactical approach than Allegri himself? Logically, when the ball starts rolling in the next season of Serie A, the results will be noticed. According to his background at Chelsea and Napoli, Sarri's soccer is fast and offensive, characteristic style of English soccer, but he must adapt it on Italian soil.

Arrigo Sacchi, former national team coach such as Milan, has shown his happiness for the arrival of Sarri to Juventus. "Sarri is a coach who has shown that he knows how to give his teams a style, an identity ... At this point, the world is going so fast that, if you do not renew, you fall in antiquity. Sarri, in Juventus, would be a revolution important".


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