Paraguayan boxer who is imprisoned transforms jail into a ring to promote reintegration

The fight between Richard Moray and Carlos Santos had an audience of about 150 people among ministers, authorities, relatives, and guests

Richard "La Pantera" Moray before a fight in the boxing ring

Paraguayan boxer Richard "La Pantera" Moray, who is serving a seven-year prison sentence, gestures after a bout with Brazilian Carlos "Coelho" Santos (not pictured) at the Esperanza Industrial Penitentiary Unit, in Asuncion, Paraguay July 5, 2019. Picture taken July 5, 2019. REUTERS/Jorge Adorno

Reuters | Mariel Cristaldo

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Paraguayan boxer, Richard "La Pantera" Moray, who is serving a seven-year jail sentence, helped transform a penalty kick into a ring, to contest a welterweight bout in order to support a reintegration program for inmates through sports.

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Moray, 32, defeated Brazilian Carlos "Caolho" Santos with a technical knockout in the first round of the fight, which was broadcast on the government's public channel and social networks.

The unprecedented event at the Esperanza Industrial Penitentiary Unit, which houses inmates who are not repeated offenders, had an audience of about 150 people, including ministers, authorities, relatives, and guests. Some inmates saw him from the windows of their cells.

"This is so that people can see that something's gonna shine even when everything looks dark," said Moray after receiving the belt of hands of the Minister of Justice in a professional ring installed in a prison pavilion under a strong security device.

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The event, promoted as part of the South American Boxing Championship, was organized by the Ministry of Justice and a local boxing association that works in the rehabilitation program of inmates where "La Pantera" participates.

Before the main fight, other interns showed their skills in the ring.

Moray, who is close to serving his sentence for aggravated robbery, told local media that he managed to overcome his drug addiction and train as a boxer inside the prison and that he would like to get future boxing stars from the penitentiaries, once he recovers his freedom.

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