5 best places in Latin America for cave lovers

If you like to explore Earth's depths, you should visit these caves in Latin America

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LatinAmerican Post | Luis Hernández

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Caves are mysterious places, they are frightening and, at the same time, an inevitable attraction for the curious; they are impressive portals to the heart of the Earth. Latin America has a privileged geography where numerous caves of all types stand out, some accessible for the public and others very dangerous for brave speleologists. In Latin American Post, we recommend you five beautiful caverns that can you can visit without danger and take a look at the beauty of their formations.

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1. Grutas do Campo Formoso, Bahia, Brazil

Campo Formoso is a city full of caverns, you can observe its geographical richness in the different caves among which the Toca da Boa Vista, the longest in South America, stands out. It has more than 120 kilometers of galleries and is a site of geographical, ecological, paleontological, tourist, and speleological interest. The Toca da Barriguda, Toca do Calor de Cima, Toca do Pitu and the Toca do Morrinho also stand out. In Boa Vista, the most important formations are 'The conduit of the flying discs', the 'Beyond', the 'New World', the 'Third World' and the 'End of the world', according to Bahia's Tourism guide.


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2. Cavernas del Peñón, Santander, Colombia

These caverns are located in Santander and are 3 kilometers long. There are numerous caves whose ecological and animal richness stand out. La Vanguardia claims that there are 56 unexplored caves, so the area has created great interest for cave lovers and researchers. Because it was recently discovered and explored, you may almost feel like being in a place that no man has ever been to. The inhabitants of the region have maintained a meticulous care of the caves and are the ones who guide people on the tours in one of the most incredible places in Colombia.

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3. Grutas de Cacahuamilpa, Guerrero, Mexico

They are the most famous formations in the North American country, they are located in the southern state of Guerrero very close to Mexico City and touristic places such as Taxco, Ixtapa, and Acapulco. According to Mexico's Secretariat of the Environment, the caves have different chambers and rock formations among which stand out: 'The Throne Room', 'The Beer Bottle' or the 'Drill hall' among many others. It is a national park since 1936, so it is maintained in excellent conditions and available transportation services. There is even a restaurant inside and one of the vaults of the caves is used as a concert hall of the Philharmonic Orchestra of Acapulco.


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4. Gruta de Huagapo, Junin, Peru

Located in Junin, near the capital, Lima, it has become one of Peru's essential attraction. It is considered one of the deepest caves in the world. These caverns impress from the entrance, whose door has a height of 30 meters, with what the visitor feels that it is before the entrance to another dimension. The experience is complemented by the diverse rocky and strange formations that resemble animals or buildings, which are framed between the stalactites and stalagmites of the caves, according to Go2 Peru. It is a magical place that is enriched with legends transmitted from the Inca era on.


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5. Marble Caverns, Region of Aysén of General Carlos Ibáñez del Campo, Chile

From this list, the marble caverns are the only ones that you do not visit on foot, since they are located next to the General Carrera lake between Chile and Argentina. To reach them, you travel on boats or kayaks, perfect to observe the landscapes that seem taken out of science fiction, where the white and gray of the rock formations stand out against the blue of the lake. According to the MSN portal, the most visited formations are 'La Catedral' and 'Las Capillas', places where the erosion of water has created majestic 'buildings' beyond imagining. Unlike the other caverns mentioned in the list, in the Marble Caverns, light is the best ally, since it plays with all the shades of colors that enrich the visual experience.


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