‘One Thousand Nights Without You’: a love just like the movies

'A thousand nights without you' tells the story of two people who love each other from a distance, and who only, until the end, meet for that happy ending that romantic novels promise

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A controlling and obsessive man and an undecided woman are the perfect mix for a complicated story with endless nuances. This is the story of Sofia and Tancredi, an impossible love that step by step becomes more possible. 'A thousand nights without you' tells the story these two people who love each other from a distance, and who only until the end meet for that happy ending that romantic novels promise.

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Anyone who knows the name Federico Moccia knows that an unprecedented love story lies ahead. The one who does not, it is enough to say that this Italian is the author of the novel 'Three Meters Above Heaven', which later became an iconic adolescent love movie.

This book is a sequel and begins with Sofia in Russia trying to flee from her past. For his part, Tancredi is between one place and another wondering when he can meet her again.

Sofia has confusion with her love affairs. Between Andrea, her husband and whom she has loved for years, Tancredi, who has manipulated her but who she is constantly thinking, or start a new life from scratch. In that search, Sofia decides to return to the comfort of her life with Andrea, but it is not enough.

As expected in a romantic novel, that impossible love ends up becoming reality: Sofia and Tancredi meet again. But around what may seem like a cliché, each of their lives involves personal dramas that make them have moments of catharsis that end up shaping that love.

Although it is a sequel, it is not necessary to read the first book to understand the drama of its characters. Of course, during the reading, you will want to know how the love story of Sofia and Tancredi arises. For that, you will run to buy 'The Man Who Didn’t Want To Love'.


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Should I read 'One Thousand Nights Without You'?

Not for nothing, Federico Moccia is a key writer in romantic novels. It is an entertaining book to read and you will devour the pages wanting to discover what Sofia will decide, where in the world she will go, and with whom.

The magic of the book, moreover, is in Moccia's prose. On the one hand, the immense descriptions allow capturing the sensations of the characters. It is possible to live your pain and experience your desires and passions.

On the other, Moccia focuses on trapping the essence of places. The streets of Rome, where Sofia has lived all her life, and other places like New York is part of the story. Each place is described so that the reader who knows that small street can recognize it, and the one who does not can imagine it.

The author said at the time for Antena 3, that the book is part of the inspiration of his life. As a young man, he was in love with music, in which Sofia's character is inspired, as well as the places where the characters frequent. This gives a sense of reality to the book that, when read, generates a tickle to know that each piece of this fiction has some reality.

Now, the ups and downs of Sofia and Tancredi's obsessive personality also present us with a message that makes us wonder, what attracts us to love stories? As readers, we are not satisfied with simple and traditional love. We want to see how the woman ends up falling in love with the bad boy, while we ourselves are doing it.

In any case, if you like love stories, travel and love entanglements, this book is undoubtedly for you. And who knows, you might even be encouraged to read the other books.