You will not believe what they said! 10 absurd phrases of soccer players

Discover 10 absurd phrases that soccer players have said, like “I would like to play in an Italian team, like Barcelona”

David Beckham during an event

David Beckham during an event. / Via REUTERS

LatinAmerican Post | Laura Guevara

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Between training, games and juicy contracts, soccer players spend their days trying to make a name in one of the most competitive sports in the world. However, some of them still have time to make us laugh with absurd statements.

From LatinAmerican Post, we tell you 10 absurd phrases of soccer players.

1. “We lost because we didn't win” - Ronaldo

Yes. The Brazilian star who played in both Real Madrid and Barcelona said this emblematic phrase. Now, the former soccer player stays away from the courts, and recently, he was seen in the Real Madrid match against Real Valladolid; he was next to the president of the soccer team, Florentino Pérez.

In 2018, the former Brazilian soccer player acquired 51% of the shares of Real Valladolid. About the meeting, the Brazilian, in an Instagram post, said that “It is always an honor to share a game with Florentino Pérez, my inspiration as president. Thank you very much for everything and good luck in the season”. The match ended in a draw.



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2. “I would like to play in an Italian team, like Barcelona” - Mark Draper

This former English soccer player from Southampton, Aston Villa, Leicester, among others, made these curious statements. Despite not having played in an Italian team, the English did play in a Spanish team, although not precisely in Barcelona.

Draper played a year on loan at Rayo Vallecano, in the year 2000 and withdrew from the courts in 2009.



3. “We should have had 99 percent of the game, but it was that other 3 percent that cost us” - Ruud Gullit

The former Dutch player and who played in Chelsea of the Premier League and Sampdoria and Milan of Serie A was considered one of the best players in the 80s and early 90s, becoming awarded the Golden Ball in 1987.



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4. “How many lungs do I have? Well ... One like all people, right? - Héctor Puebla

Player of Cobreloa, of the Chilean soccer league, played in that team for 16 years. He retired from football at age 41, being one of the oldest players who could stay active on the field.

The statement was given when the former defender was asked the origin of his speed when playing.



5. “As one earns things, one burgers” - Carlos Tevez

It is not a secret that from an early age the Argentine soccer player had a complicated and humble childhood. However, in 2017 and in the middle of an interview while residing in China, Tevez was telling how little by little his family's quality of life improved, a small confusion diverted the attention of the social media interview.

The Argentine meant that he was "becoming a bourgeois", but confused the term by stating that "one gets hamburger." Social networks did not forgive him.




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6. Soccer is like chess, but without dices”- Lukas Podolski

The German striker, who was world champion in 2014 and entered the exclusive list of top scorers of the German team, played for Bayern Munich, Arsenal and currently plays for the Japanese team Vissel Kobe.

Despite his outstanding football career and his love for the sport, we still have many questions with what the German meant.



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7. “Like any African team, Jamaica will be a tough opponent” - Edinson Cavani

In the middle of the Copa América de Chile, in 2015, the Uruguayan striker referred to the Caribbean country, not once, but twice as an African team. In addition to the above, Cavani added that “matches at the national level are very difficult because they are the best in each country; and more an African team, which we all know that fitness for them is one of the priorities ”

Faced with his mistake, Cavani took social networks to issue an apology.



8. “Sometimes in football you have to score goals” - Thierry Henry

The former French soccer player, and who retired from football in 2014, made history in the Champions League, being one of the few top scorers in this cup with 51 goals. After his retirement, he became coach of AS Monaco, but was dismissed after 100 days.



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9. “When we were little, some friends liked basketball, others liked 'basket' ” - Sergio Ramos

The current captain of the Real Madrid team has a hate-love relationship with the press. And it is not for less, because on several occasions, he has given statements (and actions) that are perfect for media tot take advantage.

In 2011, and after winning Copa del Rey, the defender in the middle of the celebration, dropped the trophy, which ended up under the wheels of the bus.



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10. “I definitely want Brooklyn, my son, to be Christianized, but I don't know yet what religion ”- David Beckham

The English footballer, model and businessman has also stood out for his statements. After a magical step through football, the current owner of the American team, Los Angeles Galaxy , also referred to religion in a statement when talking about his passage through Monaco: “Is the Pope Catholic? No, really, is he? I really need to know".



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