Peru and Colombia joins forces to protect the Amazon

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The idea is to summon Amazonian countries to form a common front of jungle protection

President of Colombia, Ivan Duque and President of Peru, Martín Vizcarra

President of Colombia, Ivan Duque and President of Peru, Martín Vizcarra. / Via REUTERS

Reuters | Maria Cervantes

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The presidents of Peru and Colombia announced Tuesday that they will convene a meeting of Amazonian countries in the coming days to promote the protection of the rainforest, at a time when Brazil faces a record number of fires.

The meeting would take place in the Colombian Amazon, said President Iván Duque at a press conference with his Peruvian counterpart, Martín Vizcarra, from the Amazonian city of Pucallpa in Peru, where they met for the V Binational Cabinet.

"We are going to make a call so that all the Amazonian countries can make a common approach ... to make there also the launching of a commitment in the face of this very important reality that is not being given due attention," he said. Vizcarra

The Peruvian president said that this policy will aim to prevent deforestation and seek alternatives for forests to generate progress and development for communities. The meeting will be held on September 6 in the Amazon region of Leticia.

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"Today we have to raise our voice at the presidential level and make this pact where we all coordinate our actions to protect our Amazon," said Duque.

In Brazil, a record number of fires is devastating the rainforest, which generated international concern due to the importance of the Amazon for the global environment.

The fires have not been limited to Brazil. At least 10,000 square kilometers are burning in Bolivia, near its borders with Paraguay and Brazil.