Do you know why it is important to understand your dreams?

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Have you ever had a repetitive dream? Or someone who made you wake up with the feeling that there was some meaning behind it?

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Dreams are part of our subconscious, and paying attention to their meaning may be important for our lives, as there is always something behind them that are wanting to talk to us.

Again and again, Teresa Salazar had a dream in which she was in a greenhouse with flowers of all kinds and endless colors. There, she had conversations of all kinds with a great angel who accompanied her in her dreams. Despite her young age, and not understanding the magnitude of what her dream showed her, Teresa was intrigued to know who that friend with great wings was that accompanied her in her nights.

From that moment on, she embarked on a path of understanding and she knew how to connect not only with her being, with her dreams but with the message of the angels. It may sound strange at first and difficult to understand, but this does not mean more than an opportunity to understand and manage our own mind. Thus, dreams become tools to act correctly when you are awake.

Now, Teresa Salazar is dedicated to channeling messages from angels to help heal the mind through different meditation techniques, and she recently published her book 'Angelical Dictionary of Dreams' ('Diccionario angelical de sueños'). This book, not only seeks to give an explanation to the dreams but that the reader can understand the message that can bring behind them so that the reader can begin on a path of self-knowledge.

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In LatinAmerican Post we talk to Salazar, a channeling of angels messages, to understand the importance of dreams in our daily lives.

LatinAmerican Post: Why is it important to take this path?

Teresa Salazar: First of all, meditation serves everyone. Nowadays thanks to neuroscience it has been shown that through meditation, people manage to connect with their inner being. They manage to attract and have information about the universe. It also serves to keep us in a state of tranquility, of serenity. With meditation, we can attract those dreams that we have, learn to understand them and bring them to our reality.

L.P.: And in what part of this process do angels come to take importance?

T.S.: Angels are subtle beings that vibrate in very light energy. They are beings of light that can, as it says in all the sacred books be it the bible, the Koran or the oldest books, they speak of angels. These beings are at our service to help us in our daily lives, it is not that they intervene in life plans, but that they are there in case we need them and ask for something. They respect our free will, so they don't intervene if we don't ask for it, but they are always there.

L.P.: How do they manifest?

T.S.: They manifest in many ways, they can come through a person or in some nature, sounds, in your heart, in your mind. They will be in what you need. When you ask an angel for something, they start generating positive energy and your heart knows when they are there. They are really messengers of God on earth.

L.P.: What, then, is the relationship between these beings and our dreams?

T.S.: Look, dreams are the manifestation of angels through our subconscious. In dreams we are relaxed and calm, and we are resting, so for angels, its the perfect time for them to send us information so that through dreams they can inform us and we understand some factors of our reality.

They comply with informing us, what they cannot do is force us to do so. It is not that if you dream something negative it means that it will definitely happen, but we must learn to understand each thing. For this reason, the book allows us to understand what the angel may want to show us. Thus, if the dream is negative, we have the opportunity to redirect that information and turn it into something positive. Angelic information allows our conscious and our subconscious to be aligned and dreams come true.

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L.P.: How to connect with ourselves?

T.S.: There is no other way than with meditation. This book can help you understand certain things, but if you really want to discover the message behind your inner being, meditation must be the main tool, it helps you to drive the crazy woman in the house that is the mind. It doesn't matter what technique you use for meditation, but connecting with the information of the universe is the way to begin to know yourself.

L.P.: Where do the meanings in your book come from?

T.S.: 'Angelic Dream Dictionary' has more than 700 meanings with the most common things people dream of. In addition to the meaning as such, there is a message from the angels. So the person can get a little understanding of what he wanted to say with each dream. Each of the meanings come from angels messages. I am channeling the messages of the angels and through meditation, I attract to the earthly plane information that the universe, the divine energy, and the angels gives me.