Expelled! The 5 players with the most red cards

Everything can happen during the 90-minute regulation of a football game. Goleadas, injuries, fouls, free throws, corner shots and of course the friction between teams. Be it pushes, tickets that destabilize the opponent until fights in which the referee has to intervene and make use of the cards.

Sergio Ramos, during a press conference.

Sergio Ramos, during a press conference. / Reference image / Pixabay

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Sometimes, the altercations are solved with the yellow card, a form of warning for the player to lower the fumes and continue playing the game. However, the thing can get quite hot and football players need more drastic measures, where they are expelled as necessary; and the referees make use of the controversial red cards.

This is why in LatinAmerican Post we show you the 5 players with the most accumulated red cards in their football career.

1. Gerardo Bedoya

The Colombian soccer player, retired in 2015, played for the most important teams in Colombia such as Atlético Nacional, Millonarios and Santa Fe. In Mexico he played for Puebla and in Argentina for Boca Juniors, Racing and Colón.

In his 20 years of football career, the Colombian received 46 red cards. Not happy with this record, and in his retirement, the former soccer player tried his luck as a technical assistant and later as a technician. In this new stage Bedoya already accumulates two red cards.


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2. Cyril Rool

The French footballer, and who retired in 2010, received 27 red cards throughout his football career. Rool went through renowned French teams such as Olympique Marseille and AS Monaco.

In addition, the former footballer throughout his 17-year career, accumulated 187 yellow cards since he was known for “starting fights, attacking as if the rival player were his greatest enemy and giving karate kicks to opponents,” according to The middle Fade Away.


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3. Sergio Ramos

The current Real Madrid captain began his football career in Seville, before arriving at the merengue club in 2005. Since then, Ramos has been an important piece for the Spanish team. The player accumulates 25 red cards throughout his career.

The last one was won in the league match against Girona last February. Since he has no plans for an upcoming retirement, Ramos is likely to exceed the number of cards Rool has, as it is not a secret that is characterized by losing his temper; besides committing 'innocent faults'.


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4. Alexis Ruano

The Spanish footballer began his career in 2004 by entering the ranks of the Málaga Club Deportivo. From that moment he played for Getafe, Valencia and in 2016 he left La Liga for Turkey to play with the Besiktas team.

During his time in La Liga he accumulated 22 red cards and his temper was one of his biggest problems. Among his most remembered fouls is the one he gave the Croatian Mario Mandzukic in 2014 when Getafe was against Atlético de Madrid for the La Liga tournament.


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5. Paolo Montero

The Uruguayan player holds the record for more red cards in the Italian Serie A with 21 red cards. In his 17-year career he militated primarily under Juventus, the Atalanta; and in Uruguay he played for Peñarol, a team that saw his retirement.

He currently serves as coach of the Italian team Sambenedettese. His faults were characterized because in almost all he tackled his opponents. Montero is also remembered for his popular phrase that justified his actions: "sometimes you have to do anything to win and that is my nature."


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