Top 10 best phrases of Friends

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Exactly 25 years ago, one of the most important tv shows in the history of American television was released: Friends. Between laughs, moments and references the series today is one of the few that enjoys enough popularity so that it is still valid.

Intro of the series 'Friends'

Capture of the intro of the series 'Friends'. / Taken from: Youtube.com/Netflix

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TFrom LatinAmerican Post we bring you the 10 most memorable phrases not only from the main characters but from others that also marked the series throughout its 10 seasons.

1. Joey doesn't share food

In the middle of a date, the most flirtatious of the series, Joey, bothers  when Sarah suddenly takes a few chips from his plate, reason enough not to see her a second time. When discussing it with Phoebe, she thinks it's ridiculous, but until Rachel arrives she doesn't realize how important food is for Joey.


2. Pivot! Pivot!

When Ross decides to buy a new sofa and doesn't want to spend more money, he decides to upload it on his own on the stairs of the building. With the help of Rachel and Chandler, Ross directs them and reaching every corner Ross shouts Pivot! This is annoying for the rest of the team. In the end, they reach such a point that "I don't think is going to pivot anymore".


3. Smelly Cat

Throughout the seasons Phoebe has shown us her talents in different jobs, from manager, masseuse to singer of Central Perk. In one of her performances, she discarded us with her presentation of the song Smelly Cat. A classic for fans.


4. Seven, seven, SEVEN!

Season four  gave us one of Monica's best scenes. She and Rachel are explaining to Chandler the erogenous zones of women, which are numbered from one to seven. In this way, Monica takes a hypothetical tour through the areas, until reaching seven, seven, SEVEN!

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5. How you doin '?

As we already mentioned, Joey is one of the most flirtatious of the group. Every time he tries to conquer a woman, he asks How you doin '? Accompanied by a somewhat seductive tone.


6. They don't know that we know that the know

When the romance between Chandler and Monica flourished, the couple tried to keep it hidden for the rest of their friends. Which in the end they did not achieve because Rachel, Joey, and Phoebe found out. The only thing is that Chandler and Monica did not know that they knew. A very funny confusion.


7. No uterus, no opinion

Rachel, who revolutionized the fashion industry with her iconic hairstyle, gave us this wonderful phrase when she was pregnant and suddenly she began to feel contractions even when it wasn't time. Ross, upon arriving at the hospital and finding out about the situation, replies that it is normal and that many women do not even feel it. In this regard, Rachel replies "no uterus, no opinion."


8. One Mississippi, two Mississippi, three Mississippi

Ross, jealous of Monica's tan, decides to have the same procedure. When entering the cabin and receiving the tan, he counted the seconds adding Mississippi, getting him to tan twice in the front, and remaining an unwanted color.


9. Oh my god!

The most fanatics probably read this phrase with the voice of Janice, one of Chandler's most memorable ex girlfriends. Janice was characterized not only by this phrase but by her scandalous laugh.


10. We were on a brake

One of the most unstable relationships was that of Ross and Rachel, so in one of their separations and hearing another man's voice when calling Rachel, Ross has an affair with a woman in a bar. The next morning he learns that everything was a misunderstanding causing the famous phrase We were on a brake