The greatest goals in the history of football

There is nothing more exciting than in a football match as many goals are scored as possible. The more goals, the better the game. Therefore, that a match ends 3-0 or 5-0 is really good. But can you imagine if the match was 37-0? Or 56-0?

Flamengo match against Greminiho.

Flamengo match against Greminiho. / Taken from: Youtube.com/MaiquinhoShow

LatinAmerican Post | Laura Viviana Guevara Muñoz

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In LatinAmerican Post we show you the biggest goals in football, and no, we are not talking about single-digit goals.

1. Flamengo 56 - Greminiho 0

The most recent case of a win was by the Flamengo women's team who faced Gremio for the Brazilian women's league.

The first goal came the first minute of the match. At fifteen minutes, Flamengo was already ahead on the scoreboard by 12 goals and at the end of the first half they already had an advantage of 29 goals.

The Flamengo players had no mercy on the massacre and after 22 minutes of the second half, they were still up on the scoreboard for 43 goals. Flavia, a player of the winning team, was the figure of the match by scoring 14 goals. In this way, the team is the sole leader of Group E of the Carioca Feminino Championship.

2. Australia 31 - American Samoa 0

It was 2001, and the next World Cup qualifiers were played in South Korea and Japan in 2002. American Samoa is one of the fourteen unincorporated territories in the United States. We are sure that the players of this island will not forget Australia's triumph.

However, and for its defense, it should be clarified that the national team of American Samoa did not have 19 players, who had problems with his passport. As if that were not enough, the reinforcements of the Sub 20 team could not play since they had school exams.

The match figure was Archie Thompson who scored 13 goals. The first goal was scored after 10 minutes of play and throughout the game, American Samoa only had a clear goal option. Despite being the winner, Australia was not happy with the victory since they came from winning 22-0 against Tonga, which forced the problem that they could not continue playing at such a low level.

Thanks to this episode, there was the introduction of a preliminary round in the qualifying group of the World Cup in the Oceania area, and helped Australia obtain a change to the Asian Football Confederation in 2006, according to Dream Team FC .

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3. Atlético de Madrid Females 38 - Algete 0

In 2011, the U16 "B" team of the popular Spanish team scored 38 points to 0 against Algete in the women's league. However, for the team, this victory only meant breaking the previous record, since already in another game against the team Los Negrales it was imposed by 21 goals.

In his time, the technical director, David García, affirmed that “The approach of the game was like that of any other, knowing that our rivals had already conceded some goals, but with the humility and respect that always characterizes us,” in statements given to Brand.

On the other hand, Algete, at the time, accumulated 68 goals against it. In this regard, Garcia said that more than a humiliation, the game "shone by the exemplary behavior of all the players. Both ours who sought to do their job well and the rivals who never lowered their arms and ran for the ball every time they conceded a goal in order to make up the result. "

4. Pelileo SC 44 - Indie Native 1

Considered to be the biggest scorer in the history of Ecuadorian football, the Pelileo SC team won the team formed by indigenous people from communities close to the city of Ambato in the second division. As Ecuavisa explains, the team, in 2016, only had 12 players, of which one knew how to serve as goalkeeper.

According to the coach, Diego Culqui, the reason was that the goalkeeper preferred to go on a spree and in this way, Culqui had no choice but to "put the central defender and send him to the goal, then we were without defense and without a goalkeeper and then they gave us a party. They are mistakes that one becomes aware of for another match so they won't repeat”, in statements to the same media.

On the other hand, ten of the eleven players were able to score a goal, with the exception of the goalkeeper. In the first half, 24 goals were made and in the second 20. The star of the match was striker Ronny Medina with 18 goals.

5. Peñarol 27 - Oriental de La Paz 0

In his debut in the first division of the Uruguayan women's league, the Peñarol team won 27 goals against 0. In this way, Stefani Maciel was one of the team's scorers by scoring six goals, followed by Viana and Silvia Budes, each With five notes.

However, the team of Oriental de La Paz was left with 10 players which would mean a disadvantage for the team that since the first goal they scored did not stop.

6. Arbroath FC 36 - Bon Accord 0

This win is registered as one of the first, as it happened on September 12, 1885. Arbroath had only seven years of starting his activities in football, while Bon Accord only one.

The match responded to the first round of the Scottish Cup, and at the end of the first half the result was already 15 by 0. Bon Accord showed the inexperience in the field because they had no uniforms, as 20 minutes says. The figure of the match, according to a chronicle of the Scottish Athletic Journal, was John Petrie, who scored 13 goals; while the other team only remembers the goalkeeper's name: Andrew Lornie.

Bon Accord finished its team in 1997, while Arbroath FC continues to play in the first division of Esocia at its 141 years of foundation.

7. As Adema 149 - SO de l'Emyrne - 0

Registered as the biggest scorer in football history, it happened on October 31, 2002, when the final of the THB Champions League, the top league in Madagascar, was played. However, it should be clarified that the result was after the discussion between the SO coach of l'Emyrne, Ratsimandresy Ratsarazaka, and the referee.


The anger was such that the coach ordered his players to start putting own goals. Order that the players fulfilled very well because during the 90 minutes of the match they reached 149 goals. According to La Red21, until today, the reason for the discussion is unknown. Meanwhile, Adema players had no choice but to observe "how their rivals beat up." The result also entered the Guinness book of records.

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