5 costumes for your baby on Halloween

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Here you will find 5 ideas for your baby to look terribly adorable at this time of year.

Girl wearing a Snow White costume.

Girl wearing a Snow White costume. / Photo: Pexels - Reference Image

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Halloween is coming and what better way to enjoy this time dressing up your little one. In LatinAmerican Post we bring you these five ideas that are very simple to achieve and that can help you if you have a month-old baby or an older child.

1. Ballet dancer

This costume will be very simple to assemble and your girl will feel delighted. You only need to make a small tulle skirt of your little girl's favorite color and put on a sweater and wool socks of the same color. You can also combine different colors and put a black bag so that the multicolored highlights even more. This same costume can be quickly converted into a fairy if you add wings that you find in costume stores.

Ballet dancer costume

2. Gala dress

This costume will be very easy to do. You can get a one-piece whose decoration is a tuxedo or you can make it yourself. To do it on your own you must get a bowtie, a white shirt, and black pants and a jacket. With these elements, your baby will look as if he was going to a gala event.

Gala dress costume

3. Leprechaun

This costume can be made very easy. You only need a pair of red and white striped stockings, a green bag, a cap of the same color and matching socks. For the ornaments of the bag you can use Christmas stickers and paste them on the back.

Leprechaun costume

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4. Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus

With Christmas around the corner, you can disguise your baby as Santa or as his wife and start December with all the attitude. In the case of Santa, you will need a Christmas hat, a coat the same color as the hat, a black belt and black pants. For Mrs. Claus you must get almost the same elements, the only thing that changes is that you can buy a black skirt instead of a pair of pants. The good thing about this costume is that you can put your baby's clothes for other occasions.

Santa claus costume

5. Reindeer

If you are looking for a simple costume, the reindeer is for you. You can get a piece or pajamas that has reindeer and paint your baby's nose with a red circle. For your head, you can include a hat or buy a bandana that matches.

Reno costume