The diets and routines of CR7 and 5 other soccer players

Cristiano Ronaldo.

Cristiano Ronaldo. / Photo: Oscar del Pozo - AFP

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Given the physical condition of the players, we are not surprised that their diets and physical training are extreme. However, it is no secret that we are curious to know how they stay in such good physical condition .

In recent statements for youtuber ChrisMD, the Portuguese star revealed how his exercise routine is and affirming that his success was also due to maintaining his physical condition. He also added that his good condition is due to sleep well, train well and have a good amount of recovery. However, the player declared that this is not always the case, because otherwise it would be very boring; "Sometimes I eat pizza with my son."

As for the exercise, the striker said that he does not go to the gym every day, affirmed that there must be a balance and that with age you begin to understand your body and “you begin to train intelligently”. He also stressed the importance of being motivated, since mental motivation helps a lot.

On the other hand, the discipline and rigor with which Ronaldo takes care of his physique is known, for that reason and according to El Tiempo, the player eats six small meals a day, in addition to having prohibited alcoholic beverages and soft drinks, preferring natural juices.

However, Cristiano Ronaldo is not the only one and from LatinAmerican Post we reveal the secrets of other football players.

1. Lionel Messi

Ronaldo's rival, Argentine Lionel Messi had suffered from various stomach pains that affected him several times within the field, in addition to the muscle injuries that have afflicted him.

According to Libertad Digital, the figure of Barcelona underwent the super gasoline diet of the Italian doctor specializing in sports nutrition, Giuliano Poser. In statements given to the Corriere della Sera media, Messi not only gained more fiber, but reduced the salt, sugar, and meat of his main diet.

As for his training routine, and according to Men's Health, “Messi performs multidirectional series of sprints, combined with jumps and squats. In the gym, he powers all his lower muscles with lunges with barbell, splits with dumbbells and squats with a moderate weight. Finish each workout with hamstring stretches and a few minutes of gentle running. ”


Una publicación compartida por Leo Messi (@leomessi) el


2 .. Karim Benzema

The Frenchman, number nine at Real Madrid, has stood out for his strict diet, product of his personal chef, Alberto Mastromatteo. The 31-year-old has managed to lose about 8 kilos (17 pounds) over a season and a half. The secret? It is in steamed food, the null consumption of butter and the key ingredient: microalgae. Wakame, Nori, Hijiki, Arame or Konbu provide protein value and usually help people with diabetes.

As for the exercise, the French opts for full body training, which according to Men's Health is a type of training that consists of working all the muscles in a single session, being its main advantage that it helps to gain muscle, improve strength, and lose fat.


Nueve #soon #charbon - @big.ben.bronzerland

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3. Gonzalo Higuaín

Upon arrival at Juventus, the Argentine footballer had to change his diet for a more rigorous one granted by Juventus doctors, who in his time declared that the “Pipita” had a tendency to gain weight.

In statements given to the Argentine newspaper Olé, Higuaiín specified that his diet was based on eating very little red meat, eating various quantities of fish and shellfish; eliminating sugar and fruit.


Una publicación compartida por Higuain (@ghiguain20_9) el


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4 .. Romelu Lukaku

The Belgian footballer, and who stood out in the Premier League, now plays for Inter Milan; the team paid around 75 million euros for his transfer. 

In just three weeks, Lukaku has lost a kilo (2 pounds) per week, according to El Confidencial. And all thanks to the diet of the bresaola, which according to the same media, is "an Italian sausage but that is made with veal, which is salted and cured for three months." He complement it with vegetables and turkey and chicken meats, eliminating alcohol, junk food, and fried foods.


Una publicación compartida por Romelu Lukaku (@romelulukaku) el


5. Marcos Llorente

The Spanish soccer player is characterized by his physical dedication outside the field. From his posts on Instagram, his obsession to keep in good condition is evident, which results in a good performance, not being injured so much. In addition to the above, Llorente is characterized by practicing the Paleolithic diet.

The former consists of consuming “biological products, such as meat, fish, chicken, rice ”, as As explains. In addition, in his Instagram account he gives us an update of the exercises he performs when he is out of the field.


Una publicación compartida por Marcos Llorente (@marcosllorente) el


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