The case of Manchester United and 5 other billionaire owners

From sheikhs, to tycoons, we show you who are the wealthiest owners of your favorite teams.

Mansour bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan

Mansour bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. / Photo: Österreichische Außenministerium

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The influence of great magnates in football is increasingly common, as the most recent story has to do with the prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed Bin Salam, who is preparing a new offer to buy Manchester United.

This would be the third time that the heir to the throne would try to buy the equipment, as revealed by Marca, the English club has already rejected two offers, the last being 3,000 million pounds. Remember that the family that owns the equipment, are the Glazers, who in 2003 bought the equipment for 800 million pounds.

The new proposal to buy the team also fuels rumors that Kevin Glazer, one of Malcolm Glazer's sons, would be willing to sell his corresponding share of the team's shares, as indicated by the British newspaper The Sun.

After the death of Malcolm Glazer in 2014, his six children shared 90 percent of the club's shares. According to Sport, Kevin's share of shares is valued at $ 365 million euros and his intention to sell his share is due to the devaluation that little by little the club has been obtaining not only in income, nor sponsorships (Chevrolet refused to sponsor the shirt), but to his poor football performance.

Although the business has not yet been finalized, it would not be the first time that millionaires from different parts of the world are interested in acquiring football teams and from LatinAmerican Post we show you more.


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1. Manchester City and Mansour bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan

The Arab sheikh is a member of the ruling family of Abu Dhabi, is responsible for disbursing large amounts of money. As revealed by Uli Hoeness, president of Bayern Munich, what Pep Guardiola does to get the money, is simply to travel to the sheikh, submit the videos and if approved, the transfer is made. The next day "the sheikh raises the price of gas a bit and has already recovered the money."


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Since the sheikh bought the team, the City has been crowned champion of the Premier League four times and is currently the team that has invested more than one billion euros in transfer allowances to form its squad, as Forbes explains.

2. UD Almería and Turki Al-Sheikh

The advisor of the Royal Court of Saudi Arabia and Minister of Entertainment, bought last August 2 the Spanish team that plays in the second division of the Spanish league. It is not the first time he has approached the world of football, as he was the Minister of Sports of his country, in addition to being president of the Arab Federation and the Islamic Football Federation and in his charge he had 57 federations, according to El País.


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Its strategy for the team to have more recognition and attend more games is based on raffling cars of luxury brands, such as Audi, at halftime. In addition, to paint trains with the colors and the shield of the team and disburse a large sum of money to renew the entire squad and, why not, play again in the first division of La Liga.

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3. Valencia and Peter Lim

The magnate of Singapore is the largest shareholder of the Spanish team in 2014. He recently celebrated the five years in command of the club at a time that is less popular. Although his presence has not been seen much, something favorable for the club, clashes with the now former coach Marcelino uncovered a box of problems that were being ignored.

In addition, having problems with the CEO, Mateu Alemany. According to Sport, the team's president, Anil Murthy, traveled to Singapore to rethink the short-term future of the Spanish club and the new name of the CEO. All complications occurred in the middle of a good performance of the team, which for the second time qualified for the Champions League and was the winner of the Copa del Rey.

4. Malaga and Al-Thani

Sheikh from Qatar, and a member of the royal family, became the top shareholder and president of Malaga in 2010. In recent statements he denied that the club was for sale, as he said that “if someone is willing to sell his soul maybe there is a possibility that I will sell the equipment but it is not in my head to sell 1% or any other part of the club", in statements collected by Marca.


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After an economic and sports crisis of the club, the first sacrificed was the sports director José Luis Pérez Caminero. Although he had a contract until 2021, the lack of trust between Caminero and the sheikh was the trigger for his departure. Málaga is currently in position 20 of the second division of Spanish football.

5. Paris Saint Germain and Nasser Al-Khelaifi

The president of the French club, and who is also president of the Qatar Tennis Federation, arrived at PSG in 2011. Under his command he managed to hire important players such as “Thiago Silva, David Beckham, Edinson Cavani, David Luiz, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Ángel Di María and Neymar Jr.”, according to La República.


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It appears among the richest men in the world, thanks to its investments in oil industries, media and certain sports areas. However, he has been linked by corruption over the next World Cup, according to a Mediapart report.

The French media says that Al-Khelaifi would have bribed, in 2017, Jerome Valcke for the purchase of transmission rights for the BeIN media, in addition to several other gifts from Qatar. Against the above, the lawyer of the owner of the PSG, said that his client did not participate in the decision "allegedly taken by the government of Qatar," according to Ovación.