Lewis Hamilton: one step closer to his sixth title

This Sunday, the British F1 driver Lewis Hamilton will have the possibility of proclaiming himself world champion for the sixth time in his career.

Lewis Hamilton

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Just three races away from the end of the season of the maximum car competition, Lewis Hamilton will have to play his cards to avoid postponing the title, since the Mercedes driver let out the possibilities in the last race. 

According to Motor, the Finnish Valtteri Bottas "managed to prevent Lewis Hamilton from proclaiming himself world champion of 2019". However, the Mercedes rider managed to conquer the Mexican Grand Prix (GP) for the second time, adding 25 more points.

Remember that since 2010, depending on the position in which they arrive, they earn more points: whoever wins will have 25 points; second place 18 and third place 15. In addition, this year began to give an extra point to the pilot who runs faster around the circuit.

In this way, Hamilton was harmed by staying off the podium three times: in the Austrian GP, 5; German GP (9) being his worst result throughout the competition, as he only won 2 points; and in the Singapore GP coming in fourth position.

However, his constant performance managed to grant him 10 wins so far this season, reaching the United States GP with 363 points, having a difference of 74 points with second place, his teammate Valtteri Bottas.

What does the British need to win?

All the numbers are in Hamilton's favor to be crowned as six-time winner in the USA's GP. To win, it will be only a difference title with the famous former Ferrari team driver, Michael Schumacher, who is seven and above the Argentine Juan Manuel Fangio, with five titles.

As for the actual second place, Valtteri Bottas with 289, will have to win to complicate Hamilton's sixth win, as I explain Motor. The good thing about this is that the British driver depends only on his performance to keep his title close and only a big mistake would harm him.

Bottas would have to cut around 22 points to his teammate if he wants to take advantage of the remaining races, and as if that were not enough, Hamilton would have to arrive in tenth place so that everything was defined again in the GP of Brazil. In addition, for the Finn to remain in the race for the title, he would have to win the remaining three races and Hamilton add less than four points, as the same medium states.

It is a matter of time before the British driver is crowned with the maximum triumph of the most important competition in the world of motor racing.

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Mercedes, big champion

We cannot ignore that this was the year of the Mercedes team, since its two drivers were the protagonists of an exciting competition. It should be clarified that at the beginning of the tournament, both Hamilton and Bottas were very close, almost taking turns first and second.

In addition, Mercedes is fortunate to be crowned as the champion of the teams with 652 points, while his rival, Ferrari, and who also has his drivers Charles Leclerc and Sebastian Vettel in third and fourth place respectively, reaches 466, meaning a difference blunt with a team that stood out as one of the favorites to start the season.

Hamilton's records with Mercedes

The triumph of the Grand Prix of Mexico meant that Hamilton broke two new records. The first is that the British driver reached 100 podiums. So far it is something that a legendary pilot can get. However, Hamilton achieves this goal for a single team, and is in second place, as Michael Schumacher won 116 podiums for Ferrari.

Also thanks to this last triumph, Mercedes managed to "conquer its triumph No. 100 in its history in 207 Grand Prix (48.3% yield)", according to Grada3. This same portal highlights that the 100 titles won by the team, 62 were awarded by the British driver.

There is no doubt that Hamilton is making history in Formula 1 and is ready to continue breaking several records and consolidate himself as one of the best drivers in this car competition.

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