NFL: 5 keys for week 10 and what will come in week 11

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It was an exciting day of the NFL, because the Seahawks managed to end the winning streak of the 49ers, and in LatinAmerican Post we tell you the most important of the day, plus what could come in week 11.

Seahawks vs 49ers during match.

Seahawks vs 49ers during match. / Photo: ftw.usatoday.com

LatinAmerican Post | Laura Viviana Guevara Muñoz

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1. Seahawks vs 49ers

The game that ended the day number 10 of the NFL, ended up being historic for the Seattle Seahawks, because they ended the winning streak of the San Francisco 49ers. The game, which ended 27-24, gave Seattle the victory in the extra-time; demonstrating that "he showed the balance and creativity of a team that has reached the playoffs in six of the last seven seasons, and will probably continue to chase the 49ers," according to the New York Times.


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The Seattle defense was one of the keys to the victory, because as El Universal recalls, "the Seahawks' defense was so effective that it scored 21 of the 27 points." On the other hand, and despite losing the game, it is not a secret that the originals of San Francisco are a favorite to play the playoffs, something that has not happened since the 2013 season. However, they cannot be neglected because following games, against the Packers, Ravens, Saints, Rams and Seahawks, makes keeping it a difficult task.

2. A new defeat of the Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys add their fourth defeat so far this season, being the last against the Minnesota Vikings. The match, which ended 28-24, further removed them from the leadership of the Eastern Division of the National Conference. In this way, and one of the main responsible within the defeat of the Dallas team, it was Ezekiel Elliott who ran “20 times for 47 yards and had two catches for 16 yards,” according to CBS.


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For several specialized media, Elliot's game was one of the worst in his career, because he was searched three times to turn the scoreboard, but he never responded. In addition, coach Jason Garrett also made decisions that were questioned, especially towards the end of the game, as Bolavip points out. As we mentioned to the Cowboys, his pass to the next round is complicated because they tie 5-4 with the Philadelphia Eagles.

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3. Matthew Stafford's injury

Just before the game against the Chicago Bears, the Detroit Lions announced that their quarterback Matthew Stafford would not participate in the game, due to a broken back. This was the first time in 136 games that Stafford could not participate in a game, and in which the Bears took advantage of his absence by winning 20-13.


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Even so, the NFL will open an investigation for the Lions report against this injury, since the team "listed Stafford as 'limited' in the practices of the week and then in doubt in Friday's injured report," according to ESPN. In fact Stafford's substitute, Jeff Driskel, only learned that he would play on the same day, "because the week was very normal," the same medium emphasizes.

4. A new record for Vinatieri

Veteran Indianapolis Colts kicker Adam Vinatieri matched the field goal mark, a historic win. This is how Vinatieri equaled a member of the Hall of Fame in Sunday's game against the Miami Dolphins.


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According to ESPN, Vinatieri reached the "709 field goal attempts in his career with his second kick of the day, reaching the historical mark of Morten Andersen, in the first place of all time." Despite this, it is speculated that the Colts would not be happy with their performance and according to Indystar would be preparing for their replacement.

5. The defeat of the Colts

Speaking of the Indianapolis Colts, his defeat against the Miami Dolphins gave much to talk about. With a triumph of 16-12, it is the second consecutive game (of a 2-7 overall) that the Dolphins manage to conquer, in a stadium where they had not won for 6 years ago.


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The absence of the Colts quarterback, Jacoby Brissett and who suffers from a left knee injury, was felt in Sunday's defeat; because although they were in a game at the head of the game, incomplete passes and interceptions to Brian Hoyer, made the Colts lose, putting them in an awkward position to advance to the playoffs.

A new day

On this new day the NFL will arrive in Mexico, with next Monday's game between Los Angeles Chargers and the Kanzas City Chiefs; duel that will be played at the Azteca Stadium. The Chargers have a global score of 4-6; while the Chiefs favors their 6-4.

On the other hand, and as we mentioned, one of the most exciting matches will be among the 49ers against the Cardinals, a team they won for just one point a couple of weeks ago.

Another game not to miss is between the Cleveland Browns against the Pittsburgh Steelers, next Thursday, it should be remembered that the Steelers gave an exciting turn to their season and it seems that no one stops them, after four consecutive wins, and with a current score of 5-4. The above allows them to be playoff contenders. The Steeleres defense is expected to shine again and give them a new victory.

Finally, there is the game between the Chicago Bears against Los Angeles Rams, in a match in which the two teams are in similar positions: 4-5 and 5-4, respectively. The Bears have in their favor the defense, an aspect that would allow them to complicate the game to the Rams, who will have to win to remain relevant in the playoffs.