5 podcasts made for and by women

If you are needing a dose of girl power, here are 10 podcasts that you need to add to your queue.

The Woman Post | Luisa Báez Toro

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According to a Westwood One publication, in 2019, for the second year in a row, women are listening and downloading more podcasts than men. However, according to The 2018 Infinite Dial® study shows that women only host 22% of podcasts in total. 

Hannah Maguire, host of the podcast “RedHanded”, said to the Stylist that female podcaster’s face unconscious bias, “Because audiences are more used to men’s voices. They’re used to that type of storytelling. And as a female podcaster, your audience is probably going to predominantly be women.” 

What you can do to help female podcasters is to listen to them. The more listeners, the more successful it is.

We have compiled a list of five podcasts that will help you stay informed or will just inspire and intrigue you. 

1.    Women inspiring women

In this podcast, Melanie Mitro will show you how she started her own business without any training and anywhere she had wifi. During the chapters, you will be hearing some of her advice for you to do the same and go achieve your dreams.

2. How to be a girl

This Podcast, created by a single Seattle mom called Marlo Mack, shows the challenges of raising a transgender daughter. In the chapters, both Marlo and her 8-year-old daughter, attempt to sort out what it means to be a girl and explore their mother-daughter relationship. 

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3. Unladylike

Cristen Conger and Caroline Ervin created this podcast to break the rules and help women leave behind the expectations of how they should live their lives. It was created in 2017 and since that time, both Conger and Erving have been discussing subjects that some may consider vulgar or unrefined. They don´t care and you won´t either after listening. 

4. The history chicks 

History is full of gender gaps and this podcast will help educate you. This podcast was created in 2011 and it aims to introduce us to female characters in history. To do that the page includes, apart from the audios, links to other sources to learn more and some other special features. 

5. Stuff mom never told you

There are a lot of things that our mom never told us and in this podcast, Anney and Samantha will show you some of them. Through research-based discussions on feminism, hosts will show us how gender influences every choice we make in our daily life and will make you rethink your role in the world.