Justin Bieber will be Cupid and 4 other news you can't miss

With this news you will start your weekend aware of the last thing that happened in the world of celebrities .

Roger Waters, Miley Cyrus in the hospital and character of Justin Bieber in the movie Cupid.

Roger Waters, Miley Cyrus in the hospital and character of Justin Bieber in the movie Cupid. / Photos: Alterna2, instagram.com/mileycyrus, instagram.com/justinbieber

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1. Roger Waters' message to Evo Morales

The singer of the mythical band Pink Floyd, who has been recognized for his blunt messages against Donald Trump and support for the left, could not remain silent in this situation that has stirred Bolivia and the entire region.

"I hope your exile is short. Your people need you, they need a leader like you", said Waters, singer of the famous and“ anti-imperialist ”song Another Brick in the Wall. He also talked about Morales' achievements in poverty in the Latin American country. “Wherever you are, my heart is with you, and so are the hearts and minds of millions of people all over the world”, said in the video posted on Twitter. The singer has also shown support for the recent protests in Chile and calls for the release of Julian Assange, the mind behind Wikileaks.


2. Miley Cyrus runs out of voice

As if it were not enough to go through a divorce and the recent hospitalization that Cyrus recently went through, now she will spend a few weeks without a voice due to a problem in her vocal cords. The reason for her hospitalization weeks ago was a problem in the tonsils where doctors found an even more serious problem that lead to surgery.

Since the voice is herr work tool, she must take care of it and therefore cannot speak in several weeks. This forced her to cancel her next commitments and maintain total rest in her home in Malibu along with her current partner, Cody Simpson.

3. Justin Bieber will be Cupid

The Canadian singer and youth idol will represent Cupid, the angel and god of love. In a post on his instagram account he showed the first known image of his animated character that will be part of the film Cupid. This will be the first in a series of films from the animation studio Myths Studios, which will seek to bring some of the main Greek and Roman myths to life.


Una publicación compartida por Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) el

Bieber will be the voice of that handsome and blond angel in the film by director Pete Candeland and whose screenwriter is Carlos Kotkin. The singer's publication already has more than one million likes and almost 6 thousand comments.

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4. Met Gala 2020

After the thematic strambotics of 2019, it will be difficult for any Met gala to be creative enough. Regardless, the theme was already known for next year, so celebrities and designers can crawling the perfect outfit for the first Monday in May 2020.

'About time: Fashion and duration' is the name that has been designated for the next edition, honoring the 150th anniversary of the museum. The theme promises to make a sweep in time through fashion and its evolution, so any kind of surprise we can expect from the attendees. The exhibition will feature 160 pieces of women's costumes over the past 150 years.

In each edition, the event has a “godfather” designer, this year it will be Nicolas Ghesquière, from the fashion house Louis Vuitton. Hosts will be Lin-Manuel Miranda, Meryl Streep and Emma Stone.

5. The wedding of Dulce María

In other slightly more Latin news, the wedding of Dulce María, actress of Rebelde, took place on November 9 in Mexico. What caught the attention of fans of the Mexican novel 15 years ago was the absence of our favorite characters. Although we all want the members of the RBD to have the same complicity they had on the television show, Dulce María's wedding showed us the opposite.


Una publicación compartida por Dulce Maria (@dulcemaria) el

Some of the cast of Rebelde were part of the event, such as producer Pedro Damián and actress Zoraida Gómez, who played the role of Jose Luján, who has remained close friends with Dulce María. However, the main characters of the soap opera did not attend: neither Anahí (Mia Colucci), nor Christopher von Uckermann (Diego), nor Christian Chávez (Giovanni), nor other major characters.