Is there finally a solution to the poor state of mental health in Latin America?

Mental instability has proven to be a significant problem globally. And, it’s costly.

Subhadip Roy

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In Latin America alone, about 5% of the adult population is suffering from mental instability, and unfortunately, most of them neither seeks nor receives treatment. This is according to a report released by WHO.

In the worst case, mental health problems result in suicide, with approximately 63,000 individuals killing themselves annually in America. In less severe cases, mental instability affects patients’ daily life, production, and relationships. Even worse, mental disorders account for nearly a quarter of the illness burden in Latin America. Most of the individuals are dealing with anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorder.

As bad as it is, it is unfortunate that for years no one has done anything about it even though we know it is a problem. So many people have been suffering in silence. Mental health stigma has been another significant issue contributing to the crisis.

Fortunately, ordinary citizens now have the opportunity to get treatment for their mental health problems without relying on politicians to help them come up with a viable solution. The internet has made things much more comfortable, and Latin Americans can now improve their state of mental health by using online platforms such as Talkspace. This online therapy platform will benefit Latin Americans in a range of ways which include:


The first and foremost reason why people prefer online therapy platforms is because they are way cheaper than comprehensive therapy. We live in a world where critical matters, such as mental health, are overlooked. Rather than making the services affordable for everyone, they are actually beyond the ordinary citizen’s capacity. This is the reason why a lot of individuals prefer suffering in silence rather than seek professional help. Online platforms have come in to make mental health treatment affordable, thus accessible by everyone.

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Enhanced convenience

Other than affordability, people love the fact that they do not have to leave their houses or skip work to attend a therapy session. The fact that the services are offered online means that anyone can get them from the comfort of whichever place, which is not only convenient but timesaving too.

Mental health stigma reduction

People have always been afraid of discussing mental health issues for the longest time. They are scared of being judged and stigmatized. You will notice that some people will even book an appointment with their therapists, drive to the counselor’s office, but on arrival, they drive back home without getting in. These online platforms, on the other hand, are discrete, and you can privately discuss your issues without fear of being judged. Online therapists are very professionals and will keep whatever issues you discuss between the two of you. If you wish, not even your closest friends or relatives will find out.

From these benefits, among several others, it is evident that platforms like Talkspace can significantly help address a serious need in Latin America. For starters, with the platform, more entrepreneurs will be motivated to start their own online therapy platforms, exclusively for Latin Americans, which will be of great help. We can finally say that there is a solution to the poor state of mental health in Latin America.

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