30 years of MTV Unplugged: 10 great moments

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For three decades, the MTV Unplugged show has been a highlight in the history of many bands and artists around the world.

Presentation of Café Tacvba at the MTV Unplugged 2019.

Presentation of Café Tacvba at the MTV Unplugged 2019. / Photo: MTVla.com

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Latin America has occupied a special place on this show. According to La Verdad Noticias, of the more than 150 concerts performed in this format, almost 40 are Latin American.

What is the goal of the Unplugged?

Although no Unplugged is the same as another, basically the concept is to perform an acoustic concert, although, in reality, many artists have made it totally electric. Also, a characteristic of the unplugged sessions is to create more interesting arrangements than studio songs. Over time, they have become increasingly sophisticated, some with chamber orchestras, with unconventional instruments in rock and with distinguished guests that decorate the concerts.


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Without further ado, with information from MTV Latin America and La Verdad Noticias, these are 10 memorable moments for rock in Spanish at MTV Unplugged concerts:

1. Los Fabulosos Cadillacs:

This concert is special because it was the first of a Latin American band and is distinctive of a golden era of rock in the region. This is their version of Matador, recorded in 1994 at the recital.

2. Charly García:

The Argentine legend presented, among other songs, a medley of his main songs with Serú Girán, but at the time of singing, Viernes 3 am, he forgot the lyrics. He could have repeated the recording, but decided to keep the version that is part of the Hello! album, which contains the complete recital. 

3. Café Tacvba:

This is the first band to record two Unplugged, the first in 1995 and the second in 2019. Both concerts allow you to see the evolution of the band and the program format. The Mexicans were accompanied by an orchestra in the spectacular recital they recorded this year.

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4. Soda Stéreo:

Another of the Latin American rock tops, the "soda" recorded Comfort and music to fly in 1996. Accompanied by a bassoon, a viola and a cello whose arrangements were interesting, the concert was a success thanks to their elaborate arrangements and Andrea Echeverri singing The city of fury.

5. La Ley:

One of the two Chilean groups, along with Los Tres, who have recorded an Unplugged. In his recital, they highlight the version of El Duelo that Beto Cuevas sang with Ely Guerra, added to a great acoustic arrangement that sounded for weeks on the radio.

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6. Caifanes:

The first Mexican band to record an Unplugged, its pre-Hispanic sound present in the percussions gave the recital a special touch. Highlights among all the songs one of the classic rock in Spanish: La célula que explota.

7. Julieta Venegas:

The first Unplugged recorded in Mexico that for the Mexican artist was the opportunity to put the cherry to the cake of her career. MTV Latin America highlights that she had the opportunity to work with Gustavo Santaolalla and Natalia Lafourcade, without neglecting her inseparable accordion.

8. Luis Alberto Spinetta:

"El Flaco" recorded Estrellicia, the longest MTV Unplugged. It is not for less, listening to guitar solos and song lyrics like Durazno sangrando well are worth a little more time.

9. Los Auténticos Decadentes:

Just in 2018, this Argentine band took its festive character to the MTV screens. With numerous guests, they had a spectacular night. One of his best-known songs was undoubtedly the most prominent moment in his recital. We refer to Loco, who recorded with the vocalist of Café Tacvba, the always eccentric Rubén Albarrán.

10. Aterciopelados:

The first Colombian band to be on MTV in this format. Andrea Echeverri had already had the opportunity to sing along with Gustavo Cerati, but now she had the full space only for Aterciopelados. One of its peak moments is undoubtedly the famous Bolero falaz.