Do you know how the new relational schemes work?

There is not a single relationship model, each connection, with one or more people, has its uniqueness.

There is not a single model relationship, each connection, with one or more people, has its uniqueness.

Man and woman sitting on the floor of a cabin.

Man and woman sitting on the floor of a cabin. / Photo: Pixabay - Reference Image

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"Connection, correspondence, treatment, communication of someone with another person", thus defined relationship from the Royal Spanish Academy. Although I don't agree with all its definitions, this one seems beautiful to me: connection. There is no talk of love, nor sex, there is no talk of contracts, nor jealousy, there is talk of correspondence; from there it should start the meaning that, when it comes to carrying them out, we give to our relationships.

I do not intend to criticize any kind of relationship, I intend to apologize to those that are built from consciousness, those that set aside the imposition and tradition to be chosen in the middle of consensus, putting above all the well-being of all parties. We came from an immense number of generations that did not question anything, that what was established was what was done regardless of whether it was what the people involved wanted or what they liked, it became so unbreakable that there was no place to think in other ways or other paths of leading or building relationships.

Since school, it is taught that we are born, we grow, reproduce and die, that is our process. In the middle of it, is studying a career, getting a job, buying a house, a car, having a supposedly stable relationship that gives us the security of getting married and finally having children. When all this is already pissed off, we are supposed to have triumphed in life.

Now, all that has taken a turn. We talk about new ways of relating, we have a little more open way to experiment, understand and find what we really like when it comes to relating because there is not a single model relationship, each connection with one or more people has its uniqueness

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I think it is important to point out that we are now thinking much more about caring for the other, about seeking their well-being, their satisfaction and working on sexual affective responsibility, which is nothing more than reaching agreements and establishing limits in freedom, without falling into reproduction, capitalization of love, where we convert the bodies of others into bodies of consumption that we discard when we are satisfied.

There are many types of relational schemes, such as open relationships, hierarchical and non-hierarchical polyamorous, relational anarchic and any other with which we feel comfortable , the question is not in following models or schemes, is in finding the way with that or those people in whom we feel calm to share our emotions, thoughts, and needs, and to reach consensus to build them together.

It has not been something that has been achieved overnight, it has been a long process where great people have really suffered it, a process that is not yet over, but happily, today I can say that we are in a new era; Now we are allowed, although still without much fuss, to explore our sexuality, understanding this from all areas, as cultural, historical and social.

With joy, I can say that we are beginning to understand that love does not have to hurt, that it can be built in freedom and that jealousy is not synonymous with love. We are internalizing that there are no better constructions than those made in the middle of consensus and sincere communications, that nothing in a relationship has to be imposed, that if we are there it is because we want it that way; there is still a long way to go but we have already worked the beginning.