Bad Bunny returns to spite with VETE

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The new release of Bad Bunny takes up the dark sounds of his album X100PRE.

Screenshot of 'Go' video from Bad Bunny.

Screenshot of 'Go' video from Bad Bunny. / Photo: youtube.com/badbunny

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After the lively songs of his album OASIS, in which he collaborated with J Balvin, and some recent solo hits such as Callaita, all cheerful and designed for partying, Bad Bunny returns with a spite song that picks up the dark and depressive sounds from X100PRE.

The song

The Puerto Rican singer had announced a few days ago that he would release new music. It was suspected that it would be his own version of Gan-Ga, a song by Bad Bunny in whose remix several artists are participating with a verse. VETE came out, a song of spite in which Bad Bunny returns to that tone of sadness of X100PRE.

However, unlike some of the songs on his solo album, VETE also works for the party, even if it's sad and dark sounds. Remember other reggaeton spite songs as Te Boté, which, although long and dark, was a success last year.

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The video clip begins with a couple's discussion of a marriage and a child, it is assumed that their son, looking through a hole in the wall. VETE, then, speaks of the disinterest that someone feels when the heartbreak has reached the relationship. Hence the chorus says:

Nadie te está aguantando y la puerta está abierta, eh
No te preocupe' por nosotro' do', nuestra historia ya está muerta
Espero que seas feliz y que te diviertas, eh
Pero pa' acá no vuelvas

VETE is Bad Bunny's first single after the release of his collaborative album with J Balvin, OASIS. It would also be the snack that is suspected of being his second studio album. YHLQMDLG, lyrics that appear at the end of the video. This acronym means I Do What I Want, and it is speculated that Callaita would also be part of this her second solo project.