What you should know about The Crown 3

This week premiered the third season of the British original Netflix series, The Crown, with several changes. Here we tell you all about it.

Screenshot of the trailer for 'The Crown'.

Screenshot of the trailer for 'The Crown'. / Photo: youtube.com/netflix

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Last week he premiered the third season of The Crown, the original British Netflix series that follows the entire reign of Queen Elizabeth II, also telling great historical moments of the 20th century of the United Kingdom that reflects on the monarchy and the image of the crown. This season had been highly anticipated by the users of the streaming platform not only for the success of the first two seasons but also for the total change of the cast of the series and for the proximity of the season.

Here we tell you about the great changes that the series has in this third season and the topics that it will play.


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Big changes

Among the big changes that are seen in the third season of the series are the timing and the cast.

On the one hand, history is getting closer and closer to the present and we can recognize even more characters that we once saw in the press or who starred in historical events of the second half of the twentieth century. In addition, the cast has changed completely because, for its director, Peter Morgan, no actor can play a role up to ten years older or younger than itself.

Thus, for this third season there will be a new queen who will replace the masterful Claire Foy with the also great Olivia Coleman. The role of the intrepid and rebellious Princess Margarita is played on this occasion by Helena Bonham Carter, known for her role as a villain in the Harry Potter saga. On the other hand, the roles of their respective husbands, the Duke of Edinburgh and the photographer Antony Armstrong-Jones, will have a special shine in this third season and will have a more important role for plot purposes.

In this way, we will also see the queen's children, who in the other seasons were just children, like teenagers and young people who will have their own problems and dilemmas with their role in the royal family.

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What will we see in The Crown 3?

This third season covers the period from 1964, the year in which the socialist Harold Wilson is elected Prime Minister, until 1977, the year in which the reign of Queen Elizabeth II turns 25.

In this period of time, then, events such as the death of Winston Churchill, the disaster of Aberfan, the possession of Harold Wilson, the discovery of a Soviet spy at Buckingham Palace, the moon landing of man, the divorce of Princess Margarita, and the love triangle of Prince Charles and Camilla Shand. Thus, we will see perhaps characters that are more familiar to us due to temporary proximity. The third season of the acclaimed The Crown has been well received by critics and is a must for Netflix users.