'Science in the soul': a book for rationalists

"Science in the soul: texts chosen by a passionate rationalist" is the book that in 2017 the popular scientist, ethologist, zoologist, and evolutionary biologist, Richard Dawkins, published. The author also published the best seller "The selfish gene", a book that popularized the theory that describes "the mechanisms available to genes to ensure their survival and transmitted to the next generation," according to Very Interesting.

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Cover of the book "Science in the soul" by Richard Dawkins. / Photo: planetadelibros.com

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Well, 'Science in the Soul' is a compilation of forty-two essays that the British has written throughout his career. As stated in this, "the book could not come at a more opportune time," since Dawkins "claims the absolute power of reason and the sacred truth of science against visceral feelings, which should be left out of any debate. "

In addition to the above, the author also makes strong criticisms of what he calls bad science, the presence of religion in schools and the constant denial that climate change is real.

One of the author's virtues is that his way of writing not only informs but also conveys the message to the reader in a simple, and sometimes even moving, way. This is complemented by what the editor of the book says, Gillian Somerscales, who says that we must highlight the role of “Dawkins as creator of connections since he tirelessly builds bridges with his words along the chasm between the speech scientific and broader coverage of public debates. ”



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Within forty-two essays there is everything and it is definitely worth swiping the index without looking at the titles to stop and choose one randomly to read it. In this way, you can find yourself from explanations of Darwinism related to kinship or phenotype, or perhaps an essay exalting the nature and depth and perfection of it in the face of evolution or adaptation.

The attacks against religion cannot be lacking since Dawkins is an atheist and has even become considered one of the most influential atheists according to the Vatican, as explained by the Counter. In fact, in several conferences, he has affirmed that "invoking a god to explain the world is degrading," according to the same medium.

The most interesting thing is that you can find one of these attacks but then choose an essay with a tint and tone of opinion. From something as simple as the noise of fireworks or the excess of airport controls to something much more personal like letters written to his father, John Dawkins; his uncle, AF “Bill” Dawkins; and his friend Christopher Hitchens, all compiled in the chapter "No man is an island."

"Science in the soul" is definitely not a book for anyone, you have to have a basis to understand Darwinism and an open mind to accept the criticism that the author makes to the church, and even to death because in the last essay ('Tribute to Hitch') recalls that “every day the falsehood of the most miserable lie of Christianity: that there are no atheists in the trenches”.

However, it is perfect for people who have an interest in rationalism and seek to read one of the most important authors within this current, taking into account that this book is the fourteenth number he has published; whereby the reader can immerse himself in thirty years of work and why not, add more books by Richard Dawkins to his collection.