5 entertainment news you can't miss this week

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Find out here five events from the entertainment world that happened this week that ends and that you can not miss.

Poster of the concert 'Un canto x Colombia', Picture of the trailer the movie 'James Bond', Band Slipknot.

Poster of the concert 'Un canto x Colombia', Picture of the trailer the movie 'James Bond', Band Slipknot. / Photos: instagram.com/systemasolar, youtube.com/universalstudios, Slipknot

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1. The music supports the Colombian national Strike

Much was the controversy around this concert. Colombian singers and musicians join Colombian protesters to demonstrate their social discontent and to bring a song to the street in support of the Colombian national strike. Initially, the district was asked to allow the concert in support of the marches that have already been going on for two weeks. Then, it was decided that it was not an official concert but independent of the establishment.

This is why it will take place on Sunday, December 8 in the streets of Bogotá. It is an exercise of taking the public road, so artists will perform at different times in different parts of the city following the route of the protesters. Around 41 musical groups will participate, including Adriana Lucía, Bomba Estéreo, Ali Aka Mind, Rap Bang Club, etc.

2. Emma Stone is engaged with Dave McCary


Una publicación compartida de @davemccary el

The protagonist of 'La La Land' got engaged to the director and screenwriter of Saturday Night Live. They announced it through his Instagram account, as she does not have official social media profiles. In the photo McCary published, they are seen together smiling and she is wearing her new engagement ring. Long live the bride and groom!

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3. Jay-z turns 50


Una publicación compartida de Spotify (@spotify) el

The magnate and musician turned 50 this week. To celebrate, his music returned to the Spotify streaming platform. The artist had removed his music from this platform some time ago when he launched his own streaming platform, Tidal. Now we can listen to your albums on Spotify again.

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4. The new James Bond

A new trailer for the next James Bond movie, 'No Time to Die' was released. The film will be released in April 2020. On this occasion, Agent 007 will want to enjoy his retirement on a quiet island but it will not be possible thanks to his new villain, who will be played by Rami Malek.

5. The Knotfest arrived in Colombia

On Friday, December 6, one of the most important Heavy Metal parties was held in Bogotá. This festival arrives in Colombia brought by its organizers, nothing more and nothing less than the members of the band that lead it: Slipknot. The ideal festival for metal fans.