This is what you have to know about the FIFA Club World Cup 2019

Again it is time when the strongest teams in each confederation compete to show who is the best.

Soccer players during a match.

Soccer players during a match. / Photo: Pexels - Reference Image

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From next December 11 until the 21 of that same month, football will continue giving us the best with the 2019 Club World Cup. Qatar will be the country that will host this competition and will serve to demonstrate how it will be organized for the World Cup 2022. Well, not only does the country or the schedule coincide, but also the dates since the next World Cup will not take place in the middle of the year but at the end.

The championship is considered one of the most important in the world, and this is already its 16th edition. The tournament is also contested by the champions of the different confederations and the champion of the Qatar League since the country It is the host.

The lucky seven

As we have mentioned, the tournament is responsible for facing the best of the best, so only seven teams manage to participate. For Europe, and associated with UEFA, Liverpool play again in this competition after winning the Champions League 2018-2019 season.

For South America, the representative association is CONMEBOL, and Flamengo from Brazil will debut in this competition after crowning a champion in the Copa Libertadores, wherein the complementary time the team not only traced but scored two goals authored by striker Gabriel Barbosa, or 'Gabigol '.

The north, center and the Caribbean, and those who are part of CONCACAF will be represented by the Mexican team Monterrey, after winning the 2019 Concacaf Champions League. For Asia, it will be the Saudi Arabian team, Al-Hilal Saudi, the winning team of the 2019 AFC Champions League. The winner of the 2018-19 CAF Champions League, the Tunisian Tunisian Espérance team.

The last two places were for the representative of Oceania and winner of the 2019 OFC Champions League, the Hienghène Sport team of New Caledonia, a young team (founded in 1997) and which has spent part of its history in the second Division of your country. However, this 2019 was crowned for the first time champion of the first league, allowing him to play in the Club World Cup.

Finally, there is the champion team of the Qatar football league, Al-Sadd, a team that is highly recognized for its good football level, as it has won 13 national championships and 14 Emir Cup titles.

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The games

Since there are a total of eight games in eleven days, there is no chance of moving on to the next round if a match is lost. In fact, all teams are guaranteed to play a single game; if they win they will advance to the next round.
Al-Sadd and Hienghene Sport will face each other in the initial match. The winner will automatically go to the quarterfinals and play against Monterrey. The other match of this stage will be between Al-Hilal and Espérance de Tunis.

For the semifinals, Liverpool will face the first key with the team that wins between Monterrey and the winner of the first match of the competition. In the second key, the team that wins between Al-Hilal and Espérance de Tunis will face Flamengo. The two teams that will compete in the final will leave the semifinals.

As you can see, for some teams moving forward will be easier than for others. The truth is that in just one game the permanence of the team within the competition will be defined. If you have doubts about how the raffle of this competition is, FIFA published a document to try to understand it better.