NFL: these are the 8 ranked playoffs

Week 16 is about to begin, and in it several teams will decide their participation in the postseason .

American football players in game position.

American football players in game position. / Photo: Pexels - Reference Image

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This coming weekend, more accurate on Saturday 21, Sunday 22 and Monday 23, will take place the penultimate week of the NFL. And the week 15 molded quite the spectrum of the postseason, because it delivered six more tickets, completing the first group of eight classified to the next round. Still, there are four places to move to the playoffs, which will be determined during the next two campaigns

As if the above were not enough, there are still several divisional titles at stake, since only the AFC North, AFC West and the NFC South have been able to crown the champion, before week 16 begins.

The 8 classified

It should be remembered that the playoffs are the last step for the two conferences to face each other. Both the National Conference (NFC) and the American Conference (AFC), and which are divided into four divisions each, already have several teams insured for the next round.




Within this conference, there are already two teams that were crowned as the best in their division: the Baltimore Ravens (North AFC) and the Kansas City Chiefs (West AFC). The former stood out in week 15 by winning 42-21 against the New York Jets, a victory that allowed him to win 12 times, 10 of them in a row.

While the Chiefs, they took advantage of the weak defense of the Patriots to win 23-16, in a match where “thirty minutes were enough to make a difference from which the New England Patriots could not get up,” according to As. The fourth divisional title granted to him and which was achieved in week 14.

To the champions of the divisional title, the New England Patriots are added, team that after coming from a defeat, on the day of the 15th week imposed on the Cincinnati Bengals 34-13, managing to overcome the losing streak and reached the classification to the postseason for 11 campaigns in a row.

The others who have their postseason ticket are the Buffalo Bills, a team that could stand out in the playoffs for their good defense, and according to reporter Brad Gagnon, "the Bills are always in games because they rarely bomb defensively." However, the team needs to beat the Patriots in the next game to be crowned as division champions and thus avoid reaching the playoffs as a wild card. or 'wildcard'.

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While they also have four teams qualified for the next round in the NFC, there is only one champion with a division title: the New Orleans Saints. This team went into the playoffs since week 13 when it bet Falcons 26-13, in addition to taking the division's titutilos it became the first classified in the postseason. The Saints will face the Titans, and win, and depending on the Vikings beat the Packers, the New Orleans would keep the seed two.

On the other hand, the San Francisco 49ers are able to enter the classifieds by being in seed five, since the loss against the Rams made them fall from seed 1 to 5. It was not worth their successful campaign in the matches played throughout of the weeks, because with this last game, luck changed, and they are almost eliminated by a team that has no chance of moving on to the next round.

Meanwhile those who benefited from the loss of the 49ers were the Seattle Seahawks. In week 15, the Seahawks managed to beat the Carolina Panthers 30-24, managing to get seed 1 of the playoffs. According to the official site of the team, "the Seahawks are in the playoffs for the seventh time in the last eight years, registering winning records in the eight seasons."

The last team that has its two feet in the next round is the Green Bay Packers, the team that goes into the playoffs for the first time in three years. As WTMJ indicates, "it is the first time a first-year Packers head coach arrives in the playoffs." If the Packers continue with this good run, and win the remaining two games, they could be the NFC North champions.

Those who do not give up

In just two weeks, four tickets will be given to teams that manage to enter the playoffs. On the AFC side, three teams for two positions in the next round; Tennessee Titans, Cleveland Browns and the Oakland Raiders are the teams that are still in the fight. While in the NFC, those looking for a place are Los Angeles Rams and the Minnesota Vikings.