Everything you need to know about 'Cats'

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Tomorrow the film adaptation of the Broadway musical, Cats, opens in Latin America. Here everything you need to know.

Still from the trailer of the movie 'Cats'.

Still from the trailer of the movie 'Cats'. / Photo: youtube.com/Universal Pictures

LatinAmerican Post | Juliana Rodríguez Pabón

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Tomorrow the movie Cats will be released in Latin America. Long-awaited for the Christmas season in the United States, Cats has already received several criticisms. The musical feature by Tom Hooper, also director of The Miserables, is an adaptation of the theatrical musical Cats, which is also an adaptation of the book of poems The book of skilled cats of the old Possum by TS Eliott. Here everything you should know about the movie.

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About the Broadway musical

Released in 1981, this modern classic was first presented at the West End of London. A year later he arrived on Broadway in New York and in both theaters he broke the record of being the musical that has been on the billboard for the longest time because in New York he performed for 18 years and in London for 21. This musical was composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber from the poems of The Book of Skillful Cats of the Old Possum that TS Eliott wrote during the 1930s in letters to his godchildren. They are humorous and fantasy poems. This is the tone that Andrew Lloyd Webber would also look for his musical.

Cats tell the night of the jelical election, a decision that cats from a tribe called jelic cats must make about which cat will be reborn in a new existence. This musical is already a Broadway classic and has won awards such as Oliver and Tony for Best Musical. It has also been translated into many languages and presented in different parts of the world.

About the movie

The film takes as its argument the same movie as the original musical: the jelic cats must make a decision during the night on which of them will be reborn in another life. The script was written by its director, Tom Hooper, who would have already directed the musical Los Miserables. It includes a wide and varied cast: Jennifer Hudson, Rebel Wilson, Idris Elba, James Corden, Taylor Swift, Jason Derulo, Ian McKellen, and Judi Dench.

The film premiered on December 20 in the United States under the distribution of Universal Pictures.

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Many have been the criticisms that Cats has received. On the one hand, the script has seemed poor and unlikely to critics of American media movies. On the other hand, the criticisms have fallen mainly on the excessive use of Computer Generated Image (CGI). Since all the characters are cats, almost the entire film is computer-generated, which has bothered many not only because of excessive use but also because of the mediocrity of the effects. So much so, that Universal decided to withdraw its candidacy for the Oscars.

In Rotten Tomatoes the film obtained a percentage of 18%. However, in opposition, the song composed by Taylor Swift and Andrew Lloyd Webber, the original composer of the musical, "Beautiful Ghosts" is nominated for Best Original Song in the Golden Globe.