All about Selena Gomez's new album, Rare

Here everything about the singer's new release

Frame of the music video 'Rare' by Selena Gomez.

Frame of the music video 'Rare' by Selena Gomez. / Photo: youtube.com/Selena Gomez

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A few days ago, singer and actress Selena Gomez released her latest and most recent album, Rare. This is the singer's third studio album and here we summarize everything you should know about it.

The first singles

In October 2019 the singer had already released the first two singles of the album, so we already had a preview of how the album was going to sound. It was Lose You To Love Me and Look At Her Now.

Both songs are hymns of self-love and survival to a toxic relationship. This would be the tone of the album as a whole, as the songs are about reviewing the pain of heartbreak and resignifying it to transform it into self-esteem. That is the case of Rare, the album's eponymous song, in which the singer celebrates herself and talks about deserving someone who values her in her oddity.

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More about Rare

This is Selena Gomez's third solo studio album. Her last record work had been Revival, released in 2015. This album was her flowering before her audience and her fans: her movements from a Disney girl to an adult woman. This is why we see a more naked and sexualized Selena with strong pop songs that tried to change the image of a good Disney girl (the one we saw in the Sorcerers of Waverly Place) to a curious teenager. Like most of these pop girls who first starred in children's films and series and then became pop stars, Selena Gomez grew up alongside her audience.

This time it comes with a survivor image. From 2015 until now her life has been full of ups and downs: she has dealt with anxiety, depression and chronic diseases such as autoimmune lupus, which she still suffers from today. All this made in 2017 disappear from social networks and the public eye to take care of herself and her mental and physical health. Now come back with this album that bears a survival tone.

While the album has a couple of ballad songs like Lose You To Love Me, the overall sound of the album is rather animated with lyrics in which she celebrates herself for having overcome the obstacles of recent years.

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Her tone is more of joy than of regret and her songs have become hymns of self-love. Once again, Selena Gomez has managed to mature with her audience, which has grown alongside her. Gomez is now a 27-year-old woman who has gone through the crisis of adulthood that many young people of her generation have also passed through. He also knows now what it is to be in a toxic relationship that seems impossible to leave and sings about it.

Rare is released on the same days that Justin Bieber, Selena's ex-boyfriend and possible inspiration for her songs, launches his new record project. The singer this time has been criticized for desperately suggesting his fans to play without hearing his album and for those outside the United States to download a VPN to hear it.