Super Bowl has a new winner

One of the most important events in the sports world took place on February 2 and put the Chiefs to dream again.

Game action photo from the Super Bowl LIV in Miami, Florida.

Game action photo from the Super Bowl LIV in Miami, Florida. / Photo: chiefs.com

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Super Bowl LIV has a clear winner: it is the Kansa City Chiefs, a team that receives its second title in its history in the championship. Not only is it the second Super Bowl they win, but they do it after fifty years of drought.

The San Francisco 49ers were also on the final, a team that dominated the Western conference because it came with 15 wins and 3 (now 4) defeats to the Super Bowl, in a season in which it was one of the teams that more time lasted undefeated throughout the playoffs, until the ninth date. In addition, the figures and scores reflected the 49ers' main weapon: their defense.

At the beginning of the engagement, the natives of San Francisco took the lead, scoring three points, but the Chiefs managed to counter the offensive force and managed to get up in the first quarter of the game with 3-7. In the second quarter, things changed for the Chiefs, who remarkably looked more anxious and failed to connect the plays. Thanks to this, the 49ers were able to take advantage and finished the game stage 7-3, reaching the middle of the game in a 10-10 draw.

Then, the halftime show came, where Shakira and Jennifer López, accompanied by reggaeton artists J Balvin and Bad Bunny, discarded the audience with a mixture of their most iconic songs during one of the most important presentations of the industry not only sports but musical.

Upon returning from the presentation, which lasted a little more than fourteen minutes, the teams returned to the playing field to define the remaining two quarters. In the third quarter, San Francisco took advantage when they managed to impose themselves with 10 points, thus closing the penultimate quarter 20-10. In the fourth quarter, the Chiefs did not give up and were able to overcome 20-31, after an impressive performance by quarterback Patrick Mahomes and runnerback Damien Williams, who after receiving a pass from the first, managed to score a controversial Touchdown, which it was worth the triumph to the Chiefs.

This is how the very precious defense of the 49ers could not stop the offensive of the Chiefs, who went down in history for being the second team to make the second-biggest comeback in Super Bowl history, only behind 28-3 of the Pats against the Atlanta; In addition to being the third team that turns the game around by having a double-digit handicap in the second half and thus winning the Super Bowl, according to Marca.

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The birth of a legend

Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, who overcame a knee injury this season, was one of the key chips at the time of the game. Although for the first time in its history a pass was intercepted and therefore the 49ers took advantage of the error, Mahomes did not let this affect him because he put the ideal pass for the game to take a turn in favor of the Chiefs.

The 24-year-old was selected by the Kansas team in tenth place in the 2017 draft during the first round, a fact that had not happened since 1983 when quarterback Todd Blackledge was chosen. Thanks to its potential and the various records it imposed, Mahomes arrived at the team after signing a four-year contract for $ 16.4 million that included a $ 10.1 million signing bonus, according to NFL information.

Since then, the player began to demonstrate his potential, which led him to be awarded the game's MVP title after last Sunday's game, being the “youngest player to have a regular-season MVP award and the MVP of the Super Bowl, ” according to ESPN. In addition, Mahomes is the second quarterback that scores a touchdown by land since Colin Kaepernick did it in the XLVII, explains Marca.

There is no doubt that Mahomes will be the present and the future of the Chiefs, and that what is yet to come is only the beginning and that when it is time to renew the contract, both the team and the directors will be delighted to do so.

The memes could not miss

Although the memes flooded social networks with the presentation of part-time, President Donald Trump also played a leading role. In congratulating the winners of the tournament, the president confused the state where the team belongs, because although they are located in the city of Kansas, it is divided by a state border, where on one side it belongs to Missouri and on the other to Kansas, being the first state where the team is located.

Trump had to delete the tweet, but it was too late because social media users bombarded him with memes:




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