Hamilton to the big screen and 4 other unmissable news

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Here is our weekly summary of the most relevant news in the entertainment world.

Scene from the musical 'Hamilton', Kirk Douglas, frame of the trailer for the documentary 'Miss Americana'.

Scene from the musical 'Hamilton', Kirk Douglas, frame of the trailer for the documentary 'Miss Americana'. Photos: youtube.com/pbs, instagram.com/michaelkirkdouglas, youtube.com/netflix

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Here is a summary of the five most relevant news this week in the world of entertainment and entertainment. Some about movies and musicals, about television and series, and about celebrities that leave us ... and all because today is Friday.

1. Hamilton will be taken to the movies

That's right, the Broadway musical success that tells the life of Alexander Hamilton, one of the founding fathers of the United States, through hip-hop songs, will be taken to the movies. Its writer, producer and protagonist, Lin-Manuel Miranda announced that he will take his musical success Hamilton, winner of Tony, Grammy, Oliver and Pulitzer, with Disney.

It will be a film produced and starred by him and the main cast of the musical. It will combine techniques of cinema and musical theater so that the work does not lose its theatrical essence. Expect to be released in October 2021 and make it a success also at the box office, because Hamilton is already a cultural phenomenon, we can not wait!

2. End of The Good Place

The final episode of The Good Place was broadcast on January 30. Eleanor, its protagonist, dies in the first season and is surprised when she realizes that by an error she was sent to the Good Place, that is, to the good place after death.

The series, then, tracks this error in short 30-minute chapters. The series was praised by the audience and critics for its dramatic turn at the end of the first season and for its tragicomic tone, which is sustained throughout the series.

The end has not been the exception, which has made it become a topic of the moment and that social network users from around the world tell how they cried during the last chapter. It is an unmissable ending.

3. Final episode of Bojack Horseman

Just one day after the end of The Good Place, another iconic end came to Netflix: the one in the animated series Bojack Horseman. Many were already waiting for the end of this series that has become a trend among young adults and that follows the misfortunes of Bojack, a horse that had once been a celebrity and now, in this existentialist narrative, descends and knows life after the glory.

Like The Good Place, it is also a comedy with a dramatic twist but in this case the series makes a total transition from comedy to drama without turning around. It is also an end to mourn with which many have felt moved.

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4. Kirk Douglas dies


Una publicación compartida de Michael Douglas (@michaelkirkdouglas) el


This Wednesday, February 5, actor Michael Douglas reported through his Instagram account that his father, actor Kirk Douglas, passed away at the age of 103.

Kirk Douglas became famous for his role in Spartacus and for being a symbol of masculinity in the golden age of cinema. Today, he leaves not only several productions but a whole legacy and a descendant of relevant actors and producers in today's cinema.

5. Premiere of Miss Americana

On February 23, the documentary about Taylor Swift's musical career had made its debut at Sundance. However, it was until this week that Miss Americana came to the Netflix streaming platform to blow her head not only to Swift fans but to all those interested in this new genre of documentaries about pop stars produced by the streaming giant.

The critic has received it well and is now available for anyone with a subscription to see it.