Everything we know about the Uncharted movie

The Uncharted movie is expected by many fans. Therefore, we have collected as much info as we could about it. 

Cover of the game 'Uncharted'.

The game 'Uncharted' moves to the film world. / Photo: PlayStation

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The launch of the Uncharted 4 game: AThief's End in 2016 was very well received by critics and fans. Although many people thought that the story ended perfectly in the third installment, the fourth was a golden goose for the PlayStation 4, reaching 93 points out of 100 in the Metacritic specialized site.

Although it is not yet known whether the video game universe will expand with a fifth release, the reality is that Nathan Drake's story was always intended to move to the world of film. It is already known who will take the leading role of Drake on the big screen: the charismatic Tom Holland, known for his role as Spider-Man in Marvel.


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Therefore, there is excitement about what this film could bring, so we decided to gather all the information about it, which would be about to enter the production stage.

What do we know about the Uncharted movie?

According to the Meristation website, the Uncharted movie would start filming at the end of March, although there is not yet a director confirmed for this film. This is because recently Travis Knight abandoned the project, although it seems that his place will be taken by Ruben Fleischer, director of Venom and Zombieland.


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Another important point will be the story. If we previously told you that Uncharted 4 has been a real success for the franchise, surely you will be happy to know that many of the events of the film adaptation will be based on the plot of the videogame.

According to actor Tom Holland, which considers himself a “Nathan Drake fan”, the project will have a solid foundation based on the fourth videogame, something that is mentioned in Vandal media. He mentions that when he read the plans for his character in the film he was surprised by the fidelity to the Naughty Dog title.

The casting will be important as well. If we already mentioned that Tom Holland will play Nathan Drake, we can also comment that Mark Wahlberg will be Sully the treasure hunter. Additionally, Hobbyconsolas revealed that  Antonio Banderas will also have an important role in the film.

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What other details do we know?

We can assume that this project will have a style similar to Indiana Jones, in the sense that the protagonist of the video games is a real treasure hunter that travels through exotic destinations, so the locations will have an important natural decoration.


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As for the tentative release date, Espinof's website clarifies that Sony stipulates that it will hit theaters on December 18 of this year. Then, after filming, the post-production stage will begin, where digital touch-ups will be added to recreate special effects and make changes in the assembly of the film.

Therefore, we will see what will be the destiny of all the heroes, who will surely find problems to solve throughout their adventures. Similarly, it remains to be seen how well they will adapt the story to this new format, although the expectations for all these developments are really high.



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