Premieres, new music and 3 other entertainment news of the week

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As usual, here are the most relevant entertainment news of this week.

Still from the trailer of the series 'Elite' and 'Stranger Things'.

In March the new season of the 'Elite' series arrives and the shooting of the fourth season of 'Stranger Things' begins. / Photos: youtube.com/Netflix

LatinAmerican Post | Juliana Rodríguez Pabón

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Today is Friday, and we bring you the five most important news in the entertainment world this week. On this occasion, musical premieres and the expectation for upcoming films and television premieres were the protagonists of the week. We summarize them so you are up to date and know everything you cannot miss.

1. New music by Bad Bunny and Resident

The Puerto Rican music industry released some songs at the end of last week. To begin, Residente released "René", an intimate song in which he talks about his depression and anxiety and in whose video he introduces Milo, his little son. The song consists of a demonstration of what happens now after fame, is felt and self-indulgent. On the other hand, the reggaeton Bad Bunny released his album YHLQMDLG (an acronym for I do what I want ), which is revolutionizing the genre of reggaeton. With many collaborations and tributes to the underground perreo of the 2000s, this album has given much to talk about and has become a hymn in just one week of release.

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2. Netflix launches its collection "Because She Watched" together with UN Women

For March 8, the international day of working women, Netflix and UN Women joined forces to, with the help of actresses and filmmakers of the industry, put together a collection on this theme . Each of the selected ones recommended a production that they consider relevant for female representation on the small screen. Among the selected productions are "Roma", "Marriage Story", "Paris is Burning", among others. All are already or will be available on the streaming platform this March 8 for a women's day marathon.

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3. Elite's third season trailer

This month the most popular teenagers in Spain return. This Netflix series returns with a third season and this week that ends today we got to watch its trailer. These are the same characters that we have already seen and with which we are familiar but this time everything will revolve around a new crime. The killer of the first and second season returns to be the victim of a crime this time. There will be more rebellion, exclusion, love threesomes and heavy parties in this new season.

4. Colombian film "Los conductos" is awarded at the Berlinale

In its 70th version, the Berlin film festival, known as the Berlinale, opened a new space called "Encounters", which is dedicated to the recognition of new cinematographic languages. Within the framework of this new space and this festival, the Colombian film Camilo Restrepo won the Best Opera Award for his feature film "Los conductos" and with it the prize of 50,000 euros to be distributed between him and his producers .

5. Stranger Things 4 officially star shooting the new season

This week the start of filming of one of Netflix's most beloved series was announced: Stranger Things. It will arrive with a fourth season that will take place in Russia and on which different arguments are already speculated. It is suspected that the season will not come out until next year and that it will feature a new cast.