All you need to know about Vive Popayán Festival in Bogotá

Here there is all the information about this important event that brings together two beautiful cities.

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Vive Popayán in Bogotá will be an event in which the people that live in Bogotá can have the experience of living the city of Popayán and its most important and significant events and parties with an agenda that brings together artistic and culinary exhibitions, business meetings, concerts, and conferences around the beautiful white city of the department of Cauca.

As its official website says, it will be the opportunity to know and live Popayán while being in Bogoá´through a sample of its most important events: Carnival of Pubenza, Easter Week, Religious Music Festival, Gastronomic Congress, Jazz Festival, Festival of Short Cinema and Book City.



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What will happen?

Vive Popayán in Bogotá consists of an agenda that brings together events that show the diversity and cultural richness of the city of Popayán. Through these samples and exhibitions, which revolve around the most prominent events that take place in the city during the year, people from Bogotá will have a taste of the wealth of this city. Within its agenda, the following stand out:

- The drills of the Carnival of Pubenza that will take place in different public spaces of Bogotá.

- The processions that simulate the Holy Week that will also take place in the streets of the capital city.

- The concerts of religious and jazz music, which will give a taste of what you can see and listen to in these two festivals in Popayán.

- The typical gastronomic samples of typical food of Popayán, which will give an example of what happens in the gastronomic congress that takes place in this city every year.

- Screenings of short films that show that Popayán can be also a cinematographic city.

- Conferences and gatherings to talk about the city and its future.

- Business conferences about entrepreneurship in the city that follow the so-called "orange economy".



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Vive Popayán in Bogotá will take place in the National Museum and Santa Clara Museum. Nevertheless, some of the events like the simulations, processions, and parades of Holy Week and Carnival of Pubenza will take place at the streets and parks of the Colombian capital city.

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There will be an event that inaugurates the Vive Popayán in Bogotá tomorrow. Then, the events at the National Museum will take place from March 10th to 15th, and those that will happen in Santa Clara Museum will take place between March 10th and 22nd.