Blockchain: empowerment and opportunity

Mire Acosta and Mariangel García, representatives of Binance Latin America, spoke with The Woman Post about the enormous possibilities of blockchain.

Blockchain and bitcoin symbols.

The blockchain explained by Mire Acosta and Mariangel García. / Photo: Freepik

LatinAmerican Post | Luisa Fernanda Baéz

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Can you tell us a little more about yourself and your career?

Mariangel García: I am from Venezuela, I am 23 years old and I am working as a community manager for Binance, the largest cryptocurrency exchange worldwide. Our mission is to expand the ecosystem of exchange rates, because what differentiates us from the competition is that in addition to being a large cryptocurrency exchange, we have other branches that encompass a comprehensive vision of all the uses of blockchain in the life of the human being.

Starting with the exchange rate, which is the most recognized, to a charity foundation, a branch of education regarding cryptocurrency and blockchain issues, and informative applications to keep people educated. In addition to Binance Academy, we have specific tools for traders and we also have programs that allow people in our community to be part of this since the idea for the future is for the community to be the protagonist.

That is why we have programs such as the angels program, which allows people with a vocation to help others join the company as volunteers and we give them the tools so that they learn and develop. I started two years ago, I came here looking for information and I found the opportunity to help other people with the same doubts as me. Then I went on to organize local and international events and now I work in the marketing department representing the company throughout Latin America.

Is there an easy way to understand blockchain?

Mariangel García: It is simply a chain of blocks that processes orders and is distributed around the world. To make it simpler, it is like a giant computer that processes the orders of all the transactions in the world. In this way, we can verify everything that is being done anywhere, which means that it is completely transparent. We can all access it.

Mire Acosta: I have always been a university professor. I got to know the world of cryptocurrency because I am an investor and I am dedicated to trading in various markets. It seems to me that cryptocurrencies are a market that brings anyone closer to the world of financial markets. This is very inclusive and very important, because to enter other financial markets you need large amounts of initial investment, on the other hand,  you can enter cryptocurrencies with 10, 15, 30 dollars.

This allows many people in our countries who have enormous hyperinflation problems to survive because it is as if they have access to currencies that are priced at the dollar price and, on the other hand, because it allows them to send remittances to their countries of origin.

I would describe the blockchain as a gigantic and incorruptible accounting book that works and that can be verified in real-time. Not only does it apply to the transparency of transactions, but also to accommodate very large projects. If voting were to take place on the blockchain, for example, it could be monitored all the time and would not lead to corruption of any kind. Here in Colombia, trials have been carried out by the National University on the subject of land restitution, the FAO has used it to monitor the transparency of donations. This is a new topic but with gigantic potential.

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Have you done work exclusively with women?

Mariangel García: We would love to do work with women, as there are few in this ecosystem. But little by little they have become more involved and all our opportunities are open to all women who want to participate.

Mire Acosta: Last year we had the opportunity to do an event in Medellín. We wanted to pay tribute to women who are important in the Colombian blockchain ecosystem. They have done high-level work as exchange developers, so we see that there is too much potential. We have also created scholarship programs.

Mariangel García: Latin America is taking the lead and we want to invite you to join our angels program. I was the first in Latin America, we have Mire, four other girls. It is something that little by little we are going to increase.

How can blockchain empower women?

Mariangel García: Because of the freedom it offers, regardless of socioeconomic condition, so that anyone can approach and access. For example, accessing other markets is more difficult, there is perhaps a bias, it is limited, however here anyone can come, train and access without needing much money or experience and that is something that does not limit empowerment.

Mire Acosta: I was a person related to the government, I had normal office hours and a daughter. My daughter grew up with the babysitter and I didn't see her and I was basically depressed. I thought that there had to be something else and I discovered the world of investments, the world of trading and so many things that can be done from home. This world is full of opportunities because it is just getting started. There are several jobs that can be done from home, such as freelancing. This issue of remote job markets must be explored and promoted because many women do not know it and it is a very good opportunity.

Mariangel García: I have become an example for other women by telling them that they can become entrepreneurs without having to have a standard job. In this way I have been able to pay for my university, help at home. You can use the blockchain to develop your own venture if you have great ideas.

Mire Acosta: Binance has an event in Barranquilla, the largest that has been held in Colombia, on March 20. The event is completely free and we hope to have the people from Brain Lab and a trader who will teach us a futures strategy. It will be very good.

Without a doubt, the government already recognizes the importance and strength of this technology. We invite you to learn about the incredible projects hosted on the blockchain. We also have totally free learning programs that are related to technological development. The information is there, and if you can't find it, we are available.