No one is alien to the financial markets

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What is that about financial markets? Candles, charts and technical and fundamental analysis?

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The financial market is not so far from everyday life. / Photo: Pixabay

LatinAmerican Post | Natalia Isaza Chavarría

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That is a language for people who work in banks or professionals in the economy. No. False. I just realized that I, a natural person, professional in communication and journalism, can also speak in that language.

When I entered this world I realized that people, by people I mean more banks and large investors, earn thanks to my money, and I didn't even know it, I didn't even realize it.

Every time I deposit a certain amount into my account, the bank invests it in financial markets, and thus they earn more and more with my money, this is how it works if I have a CDT or any other savings or "investment" account. Additionally, every time I travel I must change my Colombian pesos, whether for euros, dollars, yen or whatever currency, and someone always wins for that transaction and until a few weeks ago that someone was never me.

I have just completed two months of entering this universe of financial markets, and I will speak to you from my ignorance, from my feelings and my process, which has only just begun in this great world of finance, a world that we only approach if we Interested, because it is completely alien from school and going through university.

Teaching how the world's finances move has never been of interest to traditional education, much less teaching how to take advantage of it. All the time we are part of these transactions, however, they go unnoticed, our money is often benefiting someone, but we only care about that 4.3% interest that the bank gives us a year for our savings, but little or nothing we know what happens to that money, which according to us is still.

The subject of financial markets, being so unknown, one must start studying or approaching it from scratch, from the most basic and every day a new and great knowledge is achieved, which makes us begin to see finances in a different way.

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On the investment side, I personally learn a new strategy every day, a new way to capitalize on myself, how to enhance my investments and thus obtain more substantial profits. I learned that here I am building my pension, not one that is going to ask me for weeks of contributions or years completed to be able to pay me money that I have been saving all my life, on the contrary, I am building one at my own pace, depending on the seriousness, discipline, and professionalism that you put on it, it will also pay me back.

However, beyond all those strategies, beyond every day I am removing the financial bandage and understanding that we are always immersed in this world of economic transactions, beyond all that learning that I have been acquiring, I understood that everything It's in my mind. Yes, very cliche and everything, but here it does.

The success of a person who invests in financial markets is in managing their emotions, beyond their technical expertise. This concept is called psychology of trading and there I understood that no matter how much I have studied if I do not manage my emotions I can lose everything I have earned, or what I have invested. I understood that depending on my state of mind, they are the states of my operations and that if I do not trust myself and my abilities, I will take all operations with fear and the market will pay me, with fear. The phrase "my outer world reflects my inner world" here becomes tangible.