The best episodes of each season of Black Mirror

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While we wait for the sixth season of the acclaimed series, we went back to see all the chapters and choose the best of each season.

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Launched in 2011, this Charlie Brooker series quickly impacted the audience with an engaging proposition. Basically, all the episodes, which are self-conclusive, pose future scenarios where technology is the main factor that affects human lives. In other words, he plays with the fear of today's accelerated growth with scenarios that could occur very soon.

Since Netflix's purchase of the series in 2016, the world of the series has expanded. For example, at the end of 2018 we could see Bandersnatch, an interactive story in which we ourselves made the decisions that revolved around the characters, which is why we had different endings and alternative plots.

The Black Mirror experience is not only in the digital world, but also reaches reality. According to what La Vanguardia mentions, the Thorpe amusement park, located in the United Kingdom, proposes an attraction inspired by this series and which will be ready for this year. Knowing this -and looking forward to the new season-, we decided to review all the episodes of this series and choose the best of each season.


Fifteen Million Merits (Season 2 Episode 2)

This episode presents us with a world where people find themselves living in a kind of technological slavery, where they must live their daily lives pedaling to get points through a virtual avatar.


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Basically, it is a total criticism of television systems, where the message seems to be clear: despite all the efforts we make to break the system, it seems inevitable to be part of it.


White Bear (Season 2 Episode 2)

The premise is this: a woman wakes up, but can't remember who she is. Although it may seem like a conventional plot, the really interesting thing about this story is that everyone seems stubborn about taking pictures of the woman's suffering, in addition to the fact that there are people who constantly frighten her.

However, the strong point of the story comes at the end, where a twist occurs that allows us to understand everything that happened until then. Similarly, it invites us to think: to what extent is revenge good? Can technologies make us enjoy torture?


San Junípero (Episode 4 of Season 3)

San Junípero is one of the happiest chapters of the entire series. In this case, we have a love story, where technology will serve as an excuse to tell a tale about old age, nostalgia, and growth itself. Perhaps this episode was the one that allowed a change of perspective in the following seasons, where everything is no longer so dark, but allows you to see a slightly more cheerful panorama.

This is reinforced since, according to the specialized website Indie Hoy, San Juníperino won two Emmy Awards (as best television film and best script for a miniseries), which shows that it is a fan favorite since they usually highlight the chemistry between its two protagonists.

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Hang the DJ (Season 4 Episode 4)

Hang the DJ could be considered as a story that tries to replicate the success that San Junípero had in the previous season, although from a different point of view. Here the technology involved will be that of a sort of Tinder of the future, where romance, odds, and the eternal pursuit of an ideal allow the plot to proceed incredibly well.

In other words, the idea that we can “choose” which people we want to meet is carried to the extreme, to the point where it makes us think if love is something that is given, or that one simply has to choose.

Striking Vipers (Season 1 Episode 1)

Continuing along the lines of love stories, in this episode of the last season launched by Black Mirror we see the moral implications of cheating ... although this time they are virtual. On this occasion, the question raised will be the differentiation between desire, love, and friendship, since they will not always be compatible with each other.

As the El Periódico website comments, the season bets on bright stories, something that is really reflected in this case. Technology, which in this case will focus on the video game experience, is really an excuse to talk about the concessions that are usually made in relationships that are strong, but also need a space to grow.