7 video games while quarantining

The Coronavirus has made us stay at home, so we can take advantage of and pass these 7 video games that have endless objectives .

Frame from the trailer of the game 'World of Warcraft: Shadowlands'.

We leave you this list with 7 video games so you can take advantage of the time during quarantine. / Photo: youtube.com/World of Warcraft

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The danger from the coronavirus is alerting many people. We can see this with the strategy that was promoted on social networks with the hashtag #QuedateEnCasa, which seeks to make people aware of the risks of exposing contagion to the population.

Knowing that it is recommended to stay in homes as long as possible, an uncertainty arises: how to pass the time? Well, an alternative may be video games. Since we will have plenty of time to try some titles, we decided to choose the 7 best long games today, so that you are entertained while this situation lasts.

7. The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim

It is a gigantic game in which we will tour the northern lands of Tamriel fulfilling different missions and objectives. The exploration will be essential, because the setting is spectacular.

Being able to customize your warrior will also immerse you in a title that has a large number of fans, in addition to completing different side missions that complement the main plot and add hours of gameplay.

6. Red Dead Redemption 2

This Rockstar Games title involves an experience in the Wild West, where nature will be our great ally, although it can also be a great enemy. In other words, the spectacular and ancient atmosphere is complemented by a great western story.

Therefore, we see that there will be different travelers and outlaws, animals that cross us to attack us or even the appearance of small 'easter eggs' that will make us want to spend hours in front of the screens. Basically, a totally immersive experience in a world far from today's civilization.

5. The Witcher III: Wild Hunt

According to what the media Clarín comments, a new season of the Netflix series of The Witcher and a new installment of this popular game saga were confirmed. Therefore, it is the ideal time to explore this world set in the novels of the Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski.

Basically, we will have a totally dark setting, with really beautiful settings and where magic will be one of the fundamental factors. Despite having a totally captivating and enigmatic main story, the thousands of secondary missions will make us explore this fantastic world much more.

4. World of Warcraft

Talking about World of Warcraft implies recognizing one of the most iconic online multiplayer games in history. Despite not having a specific plot, as it is a constantly expanding world, the possibility of socializing and exploring new scenarios is what is captivating about the game.

That is, when we start our adventure we can choose one of the two historically faced factions: Alliance or Horde. In the same way, we will have different races and classes, where we will create a unique character that will have to face the dangers of this universe created by Blizzard that is totally in force.

3. Final Fantasy VII

The peculiarity of this game is that it is a really extensive saga, with a great variety of titles. In this case, we are talking about the original version, as a remake is being prepared which, according to what the Infobae website comments, already has a demo downloadable from the PlayStation Store.

With a totally innovative gameplay in its combat system, we will explore a magical and dynamic world, having an enormous variety of abilities to control our characters.

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2. Fallout 4

The apocalyptic scenario that Fallout 4 raises is special for these dates, with a story in which we wake up in the middle of a massacre that we do not understand, where we must find out who has stolen our son.

It is a dark plot where there will be different missions to explore, but above all, we will be making our way in a world where civilization as we knew it has ceased to exist.


GTA V is still the best possibility to explore a vast world, both in its offline history and in its multiplayer world. Basically, the possibilities are endless, since we are in a virtual version of Los Angeles -called Los Santos- where we will choose our own adventure.

The popularity is enormous, to the point that from the specialized medium of Hobby consoles they believe that it may be the best-selling game of the generation. The very particular style of this title, with its great scenes of violence or the great possibilities of entering the world of crime, will be an attraction to tour the city, at least virtually.