Luis Miguel's second season on hiatus due to coronavirus

Netflix will continue to narrate the singer's life in the second season of the series. Filming is on hiatus due to coronavirus.

Frame of the trailer for the series 'Luis Miguel, the series: Season 2'.

Netflix announces the second season of 'Luis Miguel, the series'. / Photo: youtube.com/Netflix Latin America

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In the search to give another twist to the tarnished image that Luis Miguel has acquired lately, Netflix will continue the narrative of his life in the second part of Luis Miguel, The series. Although for now the recordings are stopped because of the Covid-19, the television program promises to show the reality of this music star. 

The artist Luis Miguel, who captivated and continues to capture hearts with his voice, became the target of criticism overnight; and to understand a little more what has happened in his life it is necessary to go to that period where he fell.

According to a review by the Infobae newspaper, the artist, who was born in Puerto Rico but became a Mexican citizen, began to live a critical moment in his career in recent years. In the year 2015, he canceled some concerts at the National Auditorium in Mexico City and then suspended his tour of the United States, alleging that he had health problems.



Una publicación compartida de Luis Miguel (@lmxlm) el


Then, in 2017, almost fifteen days after an arrest warrant was issued against him, Luismi was arrested on May 2 of that year in Los Angeles, United States, and was due to appear before a federal judge.  This is because he was facing in court his former representative William Brockhaus.

In his lawsuit, Brockhaus demanded compensation of more than one million dollars, due to a breach of contract during the period in which he represented the Mexican idol: between 2013 and 2015. And although justice took his side, William still doesn't get that sum.

However, in January of that same year, the interpreter's car (a luxurious Rolls Royce) was confiscated, but the sum was not enough to pay off the businessman's debt.

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More critical moments

Luis Miguel's life has not only been marked by family conflicts in relation to his children. Apparently around 30 women have been involved in his love life and have been part of his best moments in music. This was revealed by Zeleb in a recent publication.


Una publicación compartida de Luis Miguel (@lmxlm) el


Following the tone of the sad events that overshadowed his life for a time, in October 2018, it was announced that the artist was able to get rid of a million dollar debt that he contracted with Alejandro Fernández after the cancellation of a concert tour they had planned together. That triggered a legal problem, and he apparently owed Fernández $ 5 million . Said information was disclosed by the Hola de México newspaper.

During the lawsuit process, Luis Miguel was pointed out by various local and international media that, in addition to publishing the judicial controversies that the singer was living,  also revealed alleged details of his love life, which, apparently, has not been the most successful, despite being known as a 'romantic memory music giant'.

After having been in the shade, finally Luis Miguel, this year, decided to revive his career, presenting his new successes from his album released in 2017, although they did not resonate as they should, perhaps due to the scandals that confronted him, Netflix seems to vindicate the singer with a series. The first season was presented in 2018, and in this 2020 the second season is already being prepared, although the recordings are on pause due to the worldwide pandemic of Covid-19.

The Mexican media Sin embargo, shared the details about the filming of the series, noting that it was planned to start in February. However, after global warnings about the coronavirus, filming has been postponed.

But Luis Miguel has not done so badly, since this year he was nominated as Artist of the year at the Los Nuestro Awards, and expressed his thanks through his social networks, showing that even in adversity, he is still iconic.