Prince Charles and other entertainment news of the week

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Here is a summary of what you could not miss during the week.

Prince Carlos, Rosalía and illustration from JBalvin's album.

Find out the most relevant news this week. / Photos: instagram.com/theroyalfamily, instagram.com/rosalia.vt, instagram.com/jbalvin

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Like every Friday, we present the five most important news in the entertainment world summarized and commented. We regret that, due to the situation we are going through, we are single-minded: more celebrities and great personalities have contracted the virus . However, this time we also bring some new releases and new music to distract you from the quarantine. Here they go.


Prince Charles tests positive for COVID-19


Una publicación compartida de The Royal Family (@theroyalfamily) el

This Wednesday, March 25, it was confirmed that Prince Charles of Wales tested positive for Coronavirus. The official statement from the royal family says it is not very clear where he contracted it since the prince attends multiple events and meetings as part of his royal duties. His wife Camilla Parker also had the test and she tested negative. Both are quarantined at his Balmoral Palace in Scotland. Their tour of Bosnia, Herzegovina and Jordan has been canceled.


J Balvin releases new album

A few days ago and after much insisting and doubting it on his social networks, J Balvin released his long-awaited album Colores. From this album we already knew the songs "Morado", "Rojo" and "Blanco" . Now all the ones corresponding to the other colors have come out completely and even one called "Arcoiris". The album was scheduled for release on the date it came out but the singer hesitated to release it due to the situation. He concluded, however, that it would be nice to bring colors to these gray times.


New music from The Weeknd

This Monday, March 23, Canadian singer The Weeknd also released his latest record project, After Hours . The album is their third studio album (after Starboy (2016) and My Dear Melancholy (2018)). It consists of 19 songs, of which the singles " Heartless", "Blinding Lights", and "In your eyes" have already been released . The disc has been described as psychedelic and referential to horror movies. This will be another great listen for the quarantine. 


"Dolerme", the new Rosalía

While some artists have delayed the release of their record works, others have rushed to release them to keep us company during times of confinement. That is the case of Rosalía and the artists in this summary. The Spanish singer released a new song on Tuesday, "Dolerme". The artist radically changes her style with this theme, turning to a kind of soft, plaintive pop rock, very different from the urban pop style of flamenco with which she came.

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Streaming services benefit from quarantine


My reign has just begun.

Una publicación compartida de HBO (@hbo) el

The world is in a state of emergency due to COVID-19 and we are all, at least, in voluntary quarantine. Much has been discussed about the free time of those who do not telework and this can already be seen in figures. Streaming services have begun to benefit from this quarantine in which everyone has started, for example, to watch long series that they had previously postponed. Such is the case of HBO, which has increased its audience by 40% in recent weeks not only on its streaming service but also on its traditional channel. Similar cases are those of Netflix and Spotify, which have seen an increase in their audience numbers.