The best five Latin American right defenders

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The right defenders usually have an enormous importance in the assembly of a team. Let's see which are the 5 best Latin Americans of the moment.

Santiago Arias and Dani Alves.

We present you the list with the 5 best laterals of Latin America. / Photos: instagram.com/santiagoarias13, instagram.com/danialves

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A right defender has a relevant role in generating an effective tactic against the rival team. First of all, we are talking about the fact that they will have to deal with the defense of their sector, something that will be difficult, since they will have to work against the offensive of the opponents.

However, these defenders must also have the ability to join the attack when the move deems it convenient. Although some have more offensive than defensive qualities (or vice versa), performance will always depend on the requirement that the coach has for this position, something that is also influenced by the scheme.

This position is also often confused with the lane position, which occurs when a line of three defenders is used. Therefore, players must have enormous energy and physical capacity to endure the round trip through the entire band. Let's see, then, the top 5 of the best Latin American right defenders of the moment.

5. Renzo Saravia

Renzo Saravia is a 26-year-old Argentine, who is currently wearing the colors of the Brazilian Porto Alegre International, on loan from Porto de Portugal. This transaction was made in February, having an extension that will last until the end of the year, something that the specialized media TyC Sports mentions.

Basically, he is a footballer with enormous offensive power and resistance, something that could be useful in the always complicated Brazilian championship. Knowing the great performance he had in Racing, the club from which he was transferred to Porto, the idea of the managers is to continue with him.

4. Santiago Arias

Santiago Arias is a 28-year-old Colombian soccer player who is currently at Atlético Madrid in Spain, a team led by Diego Simeone. Recall that this player had passed to the Madrid team in July 2018, after a fruitful stay at the Dutch PSV.


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However, his present is not too good, as the coach considers him a spare player. According to what the Transfermarkt database says, he only played a total of 11 matches in the current season, having a current market value of 15 million euros. In any case, he is a player with excellent athletic ability, which is why he will surely recover his level as a whole.

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3. Luis Advíncula

Luis Advíncula is a 30-year-old Peruvian right back, who is currently playing in the Second Division of Spain with Rayo Vallecano. Considered an immovable piece in the scheme of his team, which is directed by the Argentine Ricardo Gareca, he is a footballer with a huge physical projection.

His presence is absolutely imposing, sometimes recalling the legendary Brazilian Maicon. His round trip allows him to complement his great physical power, something that helps him when it comes to helping in defensive retreat, but also at times when he must collaborate in attack.

2. Gonzalo Montiel

Gonzalo Montiel is a 23-year-old Argentine right back, who is currently wearing the colors of River Plate, the club in which he made his debut. According to Infobae, he was a central marker by nature, although his coach, Marcelo Gallardo, knew how to adapt him to convert him into a "German winger".


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Knowing all this, we can say that he is a truly complete player with a huge future, since he knows the defensive trade perfectly. However, at the same time he also goes on the attack constantly, making different judicious plays, projecting different centers that are always planned to reach the head of the forwards.

1. Dani Alves

Dani Alves is a 36-year-old Brazilian right back who is currently wearing the São Paulo shirt of his country. In this case, we are talking about a footballer who can be considered a true eminence within his position, since he has a historic career at FC Barcelona, a club in which he is an idol thanks to his enormous performance over the years.

His good level is based on his total insistence to create plays in the attack, since he starts his plays as a right defender, but ends them as a true winger, being an association that the Catalan club knew how to take advantage of perfectly with Lionel Messi. All this, of course, added to his enormous shooting power from outside the area, which implies many chances of goal per game.